How to Remodel Your Des Moines Home on a Budget

Des Moines is growing more rapidly than ever as America discovers that the heart of the heartland is a great place to live. And there are plenty of new or old houses available: whether you’re looking at renovating your Des Moines home or moving to one that needs renovating, though, there are some ways to accomplish this project on a budget. In fact, parts of the renovation might not cost you anything at all.

Buy supplies to make large upgrades yourself


Many people don’t trust themselves enough when it comes to home renovation. With all the information on the internet, there is no reason why you can’t do the research and complete a large project by yourself.

From learning how to paint or having the skills to replace floors, you can easily find how-to videos and articles to get started. This is a way to save a ton of money on hiring someone to paint or replace flooring to give your rooms a fresh new look. Have confidence in yourself, head to a hardware store, and tackle this project single-handedly!

Make everything look brighter

Okay, so you fixed the floors and you handled the painting; now it’s time to work on keeping the new look of your home fresh and bright. First off, take down any dated blinds and dark curtains. Then focus on what additions will make your home feel modern and new. Curtains are fairly inexpensive and can transform a room. Try using neutral colors like tan or white and minimize the amount of blinds if possible. Making your windows look framed in a fresh way will bring a lot to any space.

Tile color is also extremely important. Don’t use busy colors or dated tiling. Purchase tile that you can use to give the room a lighter feel. You can apply tiles yourself if you purchase the right tools and tiles that are easy to work with. For example, try replacing your current kitchen backdrop with white tiles. This will make the room feel less busy and more clean. You can then use the leftover white tiles in the bathrooms to continue the look and save some money.

Focus on outdated fixtures

Light fixtures are another way to give your home a renovated feel without breaking the bank. If you need some style tips, there are some places that specialize in home remodeling Des Moines that can lead you in the right direction, style-wise.

Overhead lighting is bad feng shui, so take down grossly outdated fixtures and replace them with simple and cheap ones. Then, put the rest of your lighting budget towards buying lamps and even some faux candles for ambiance.

Work on the house entrance

The entrance is the first thing people see, and it can be renovated for a low cost. Start by replacing your door with a stylish one that reflects the style of the home. This small change can entirely transform the exterior of your home. Then, clear any clutter on your steps or porch and work on symmetrical flower pots or some simple decor. Deck your front porch with your favorite seasonal flowers in your new flower pots.

This is a great way to add some flair and style to your home immediately without spending a fortune. Weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing some projects, then decide which ones are worth it when renovating your home.

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