How to Order Custom Oil Painting from InstaPainting?

When it comes to painting, oil painting is one of the best forms of painting that is popular worldwide. Although it is not at all easy to hand, paint it by yourself unless you are an expert. As I am not expert but I wanted that someone who could create an oil painting of my photos.

I also tried many apps and websites that allow us to upload photos and it will instantly convert it in oil painting using a software but the problem with that is those were of low quality and less accurate as well.

I was looking for a website that can order a physical canvas with a custom oil painting of my photos and in my hunt of ordering paintings online, I have finally found a great website called as InstaPainting that allows us to order custom oil paintings. InstaPainting is one of the best websites to order custom art service at affordable price.

InstaPainting is based out of San Francisco, and they have been delivering custom art service since 2010 and they have helped many clients to make good memories. InstaPainting is your one-stop shop to order custom art service at reasonable price. Apart from Oil Painting, they also sell other painting related services like water colored painting, pencil drawing, charcoal painting, colored pencil drawing, and mixed media painting. Here is a detailed list of services that InstaPainting offers:

  • Oil Painting – Oil Painting is one of the oldest and best painting skill in which the pigment is mixed with oil color a binder. Oil Painting is also one of the best art that is used globally by many artists. To order a custom oil painting on InstaPainting the price is just $89 only.
  • Pencil Drawing – Pencil Drawing is also one of the best art used worldwide and it is similar to charcoal drawing. To order a pencil drawing of your photo from InstaPainting it will cost $77 only.
  • Watercolor Painting – In Watercolor Painting technique, artists simply mix the pigments with water. Many painting artists broadly use watercolor painting technique. To order a custom watercolor painting technique from InstaPainting it will cost $89 only.
  • Charcoal Drawing – Charcoal Drawing is also similar to pencil drawing but it is more versatile due to the usage of charcoal and the only difference between a pencil drawing and charcoal drawing is that pencil drawings are easy to rub and charcoal drawings are not easy to rub because of graphite. Price of a Charcoal Drawing is $77 only.
  • Colored Pencil Drawing – Pencil Drawing is great but Colored Pencil Drawing is a lot better because with help of colors it can look more realistic. Order colored pencil drawings from InstaPainting at just $89 only.

Steps to Order Custom Oil Painting from InstaPainting

  • First of all Register on InstaPainting –
  • Now choose the “Oil Painting” option as artwork.
  • Next, just upload the photo that you would like to convert to custom oil painting.
  • Use a suitable payment option and then complete the payment procedure.
  • Voila! You have successfully ordered a custom oil painting.

If you are an artist then you should seriously collaborate with InstaPainting and make money via commissions.

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