How To Make Your Porch Look More Beautiful

Your front porch should be a welcoming space because it is the first space in your home that greets you when you come home after a hard day’s work and the first space that your friends or family see when they visit. Your front porch is also a place where you start your day with a cup of coffee or to relax during evenings or weekends watching the world go by.


One of the main elements in decorating a porch and giving it a welcoming appearance is giving the porch a unique and cheerful colour. Though white and grey colouring is the preferred colour scape for a porch, you can increase the colour of the porch by painting furniture bright red to add warmth or blue for a calming effect.

You could add colourful accessories like colourful cushions on seating spaces. You could also enhance the appearance of the porch and give it a welcoming feeling by planting flowers in brightly coloured pots.


Porches not only welcome you or your visitors to the house but also serve as spaces to relax and have fun. It can also be a nice party space in your home where guests hang out. Placing fun accessories like unique plants, swings, café tables, unique planters in the porch will give the porch a welcoming appearance rather than a stark empty white and grey space. You can also place small tables, stools or, chairs for your family or friends to enjoy an occasional outdoor meal.

Colourful Prints

Using colourful prints to decorate the furnishings in your porch will give it a welcoming and cozy appearance. You could place pastel cushions on the sofas to give a cool and welcoming feeling for a summer porch. Darker prints will make a winter or fall porch feel welcoming and comfortable.


Colourful flooring tiles give a welcoming appearance to any porch. You could also place warm wooden interlocking tiles or stones on the floor of your porch. Such stones can be purchased online by selecting the stones of your choice and preference. To do so one can visit website that provides all the material and products to give a amazing look to your porch.

The porch requires flooring material that can take a lot of punishment. All traffic into and out of your house will pass through your porch. There are flooring tiles that are heavy- duty and yet have beautiful textures and designs to make your porch look comfortable and welcoming.


Colourful flowers make porches look cheerful and welcoming. Some beautiful plants that bear colourful flowers and make porches look cheerful are red salvia grown in a large outdoor planter or marigold in a large planter to cheer up the porch with its rich orange hue.

Other flowers that enhance the porch are impatiens flowers in varying colours or begonia plants in different colours. You can contrast the bright hues of the flowers with some shade-loving ferns.


Porches enjoy plenty of natural light by day but placing beautiful light fixtures to light up your porch at night enhances the appearance of a porch. When you drive down a residential street at night, you will notice that the light fitting makes a house look welcoming. Many types and shapes of light fixtures improve the appearance of a porch.

You could place an outdoor chandelier or a ship’s lantern to give an old-world appearance to the porch. You can use innovative ceiling lighting or wall mounted lighting to enhance the appearance of your porch at night. Ceiling lighting could be hanging lanterns or fixed lighting.

The porch of your house is the gateway to your home. If you decorate your porch to look warm and inviting, you, your friends and, the family will immediately feel welcome while entering the house.

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