How To Make Your Drawing Room Look More Fancy

How To Make Your Drawing Room Look More Fancy

Photo by Fleur on Unsplash

It is human nature to embark on a path of improvement. When it comes to home décor, there’s always something new. You can always change something here and there to make it look cozier. But today, your goal is something else. Today, you want to make the room look fancy. When fancy is what is on your mind, what better room than a drawing room? You entertain your guests in your drawing room, so it is the perfect room for you to spruce up.

Olivia Smith is an interior designer, and she knows a thing or two about fancy designs. She has recently spruced up a New York apartment for her very demanding young client. The client wanted opulence and richness. So, here are her tips for making your home look fancy.

Color Scheme:

Olivia advises choosing a sophisticated color palette with rich and muted tones. You may consider colors like deep blues, emerald greens, or warm neutrals. Now, you may like some colors when you see them first but don’t like them after the application. Don’t worry about a thing and don’t start repainting immediately. Live with that paint for a few days, and see the color at different times of the day. If you still don’t like the rich hue, you can start the painful repainting process. You may use metallic accents such as gold or silver to add a touch of glamour. It is all about being extra; isn’t it?

Luxurious Furniture:

What is a rich room if there is no good furniture? Olivia urges her clients to invest in high-quality, stylish furniture with elegant designs. You may look for plush sofas, velvet chairs, and polished wooden tables. Remember that you want lush designs and rich textures. So, opt for furniture with intricate details or unique shapes that stand out.

  • Get a sofa set that complements the tone of the walls. Never get furniture that serves as storage as well. That’s something poor people would do. You are extremely rich, and you don’t want your furniture to store things.
  • While picking out furniture, don’t focus on trends as much as style. Because trends will come and go, but style is eternal. Rich people do not care about trends. They care about elegance and style. Let peasants run after trends.

Windows And Curtains:

A fancy room is a functioning one. If the drawing room is dingy and has no light whatsoever, will it still be fancy? I’m afraid not. That is why you need big windows and fancy curtains. Let the sun shine through the interior of the room. You may add wooden shutters to the window to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. You have seen those palace windows with beautiful window shutters. They elevate the designs and add elegance to your window designs.

Green Plants:

Olivia swears by green plants. She knows nothing says fancy like a splash of green. You may incorporate indoor plants or flowers in stylish pots to bring life and freshness to the room. Large, statement planters can also serve as decorative elements.

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