How to Make Sure Your Air Conditioning is Optimal This Summer

Having an AC unit that won’t work properly during these hot summer days is worse than having no unit at all. Whether we’re talking about an office building or a shopping centre, a well-ventilated room is a breath of fresh air these days.

4 Ways to Enhance the Air Conditioning Performance

In order to help you enjoy the right temperature and save your business money, the team at Enhanced Energy Solutions has created a list with four things that require your attention on a regular basis: regular maintenance, leaks from the unit, temperature differences and a calibrated thermostat.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance

This is the first step you need to check to make sure the air conditioning is optimal. Regular maintenance includes cleaning and unblocking the filters, checking all the electrical components of the unit and verifying the performance of the entire system, among others. Simply put, regular maintenance is the simplest way you can prevent damage or costly repairs to the system, as they help extend the life of the unit and ensure everything works efficiently.

2. Check for Leaks from the AC Unit

A leaking AC unit indicates cracked or blocked pipes. Leaks usually form because the condensation that occurs in order for the unit to blow cool air is not drained properly. First, check the integrity of the pipe in the spot that is dripping. If there are no cracks or fissures, then most likely the pipe is blocked with debris or ice and needs to be cleaned.

3. Don’t Set the Indoor Temperature Too Low

Another thing you should keep an eye on to make sure the air conditioning works at its best is the temperature difference between the air outside the building and the one that is set on the thermostat. If the difference is too high, then the unit will require more energy to cool the air and maintain a constant low temperature. Moreover, this might lead to overheating of the motor which can cause further problems.

4. Check and Calibrate the Thermostat

Although often overlooked, the thermostat is a key component of the entire system. Its main purpose is to detect the air temperature and compare it to the set temperature. When not calibrated properly, the thermostat will detect the room temperature inaccurately. In this case, it either stops working sooner than needed or it keeps on blowing cool air (if the temperature is wrongly read as high).

Enjoy the Cool Summer Days

An AC unit is not high maintenance and it can be a lifesaver during summer. If you encounter any problem with your cooling system, try any of the tips presented in the list above or ask for a specialised team – they’ll be more than happy to help you fix the problem and enjoy the cool summer days.