How to Maintain Glass Office Doors

Glass office doors are an elegant and versatile solution for modern businesses. The transparent glass doors allow for optimal use of the natural light thus saving on energy. Also, glass is durable and can withstand the wear and tear of being used every day. Glass panels are easy to clean and as they do not have any crevices, do not harbor germs as an ordinary door would. Installation of glass doors that are resistant to scratches will ascertain that its elegance and beauty remains for years on end.

Here’s how you should maintain your glass office doors:-

Routine cleaning and preventive maintenance

Glass needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Do not use hard water, and always clean from top to bottom to avoid streaks. While a microfiber piece of cloth is good, a squeegee is by far the best in cleaning as it leaves the glass free of lint and streaks. Remember to immediately wipe off anything that sticks to the surface so that it does not result in a permanent mark on the glass.

Besides the routine cleaning, clear away the cleaned dirt and debris as it could otherwise stick on the door’s hinges making it hard to close or open. Lubricate the moving parts from time to time to reduce chances of rust and debris from interfering with the door’s operation. Preventive maintenance and care make it unlikely for minor problems to magnify.

Glass office doors servicing

There are instances when the glass doors need servicing even though you have observed regular cleanings and preventive maintenance. Here are some red flags to look out for;

  • A cracked pivot
  • When it becomes increasingly difficult to lock or unlock the door
  • Oil leakages on the moving parts
  • When the door feels heavy, and thus, more effort is required to either open or close it

In such instances, it would be ideal to seek for professional assistance. Have your office glass doors regularly inspected by professionals even when there are no such problems. They are best placed to point out potential problem areas and deal with them from the onset. This not only prevents them from becoming bigger but also keeps from becoming costly repairs or replacements.

A workplace’s aesthetic appeal can easily be achieved through installation of glass office doors. Glass doors are timeless pieces of elegance; however, if proper care and maintenance are not observed, the door’s functionality and style will be lost.

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