How to Improve Your Child’s Room Without Spending a Fortune?

Children grow in no time so their room requires changes as they age. Once the room which belonged to a toddler will now be of a teenager. While making these changes is quite exciting, it does come with a cost too. Not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer and to pay their hefty fee.

Let us present you with a few cost-friendly ideas to change the look of your child’s room:

Start with Painting the Room

The most drastic change comes to the room when you choose to repaint the walls. Getting wallpaper is expensive, so you can start by painting the room according to your child’s preference.

A perfect idea is to get peel-and-stick decals which can easily be pasted on the painted wall. They are available in different designs and can be peeled off once the child is bored of them as he grows.

Skip the Bed

Getting a new bed will heavily increase your budget so you can let go off the idea and can get only a mattress instead. Floor bedding not only looks cool but also helps you in saving space. Add a lot of pillows and experiment with the linens to refresh the look.

There is one drawback of this setting that you won’t be able to get the space under the bed for storage purposes. However, an additional advantage will be that your child will no longer fear the monster under the bed.

Covering the Walls

If you cannot afford the posters or wall hangings of your child’s favorite star, a simple way to cover the walls is with their certificates. While this will save your money, it also has a positive effect on the child’s personality and future performance. He’ll work harder to get another certificate on that wall.

Another cool idea is to add oversized mirrors in the space as they tend to enhance the space and improve the lighting of the entire room. Another good idea is to paste the child’s pictures and give a timeline of how much they’ve grown over the years.

Go with the Minimal Furniture Look

Until your child really feels the need of getting a study table, avoid filling the space with any other furniture item. You can dedicate the space to the boxes which carry their toys and other belongings.

A great idea would be to cover these boxes with comfortable and cute cushions making these storage boxes a perfect place to sit in the room.


In many parts of the country along with Dallas Fort Worth, homes for sale are abundant and have been designed with a special room for children. With a few touch-ups, you can transform them into something spectacular for your child.

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