How To Get an AES ITN?

As the process of import and export can be tricky and confusing at times, businesses tend to avoid it in the first place. As a result, they conduct business in an environment about which they have very little knowledge. They try to outsource the process through a customs broker and get their work done. Just because of this reason, the customs department has built a tool known as Automated Export System (AES), which helps the exporters to file their information smoothly. They can file in Electronic Export Information (EEI), and upon submission of this, they will receive the ITN. This ITN will serve as the passport of the shipments being shipped.

How will you get an AES ITN?

Here are the processes to fill it out efficiently:

  • Fill out the forms to get the ITN for basic consumer and household goods or goods entering Canada 

There are forms available for various goods categories, and you need to fill them out. You also need to check the permission clauses for each of the goods that you are sending and fill them out likewise to avoid any further hassles.

  • Look for emails from the CBP department 

The email will come to you in one business day if you haven’t received it right away. The first line of the email will have the subject. There will be a highlighted part in it, which is extremely important. That part will have 14 numbers. The first eight numbers of this will indicate a date, and this entirely is your Internal Transaction Number or ITN.

  • Pay the bill

The bill will be sent to you through email. All major credit cards are accepted via PayPal or Square. It will be around $35 for all the ITN-related services. This includes the vehicles that need to enter Canada or shipments that include basic consumer or household goods.

  • Use the ITN

If you are escorting the goods out of your country personally, then you need to show the US Customs and Border Protection the ITN. You need to produce this right when you are leaving the United States. If the vehicle is getting transported to Canada, then the ITN and all the related vehicle documents must be sent to the US customs point at the border crossing. Each port will have specific requirements.

You now know how important the Clearit ITN number is for your shipments, so you must file it right away.

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