How to Fix a Rattling Air Conditioner?

When summer arrives so does the season of fixing or getting a new air conditioner. These are all fairly normal activities if you have had your air conditioning system for a while. But if it not that old and your air conditioner is making noises that you can’t pinpoint. Especially if it is rattling is the problem you are facing. You may be able to fix it.  

If your air conditioner unit is rattling these are the thing that might help in fixing the noise.

Try Cleaning It:

We all know dust and debris stop the air conditioner from performing and can cause it to stop cooling the room. Most importantly cause the bill to skyrocket. The dust can also cause rattling and the easiest way to fix it is by cleaning.  

Coil fins often get clogged with dirt and debris and can cause some serious noises; you can use a small vacuum cleaner to clean the stubborn wet debris.  

You can clean the vents and the obvious dust in the unit and you can also clean the filter. In summers you should clean the filter at least twice a month so that air conditioner rattling and poor performance can be avoided altogether.  

Check the Screws and Broken Parts:

These two are perhaps the common causes of the rattling noise that your unit is making. It is simple if something is loose then it will make noise when you turn it on.  

It is a bit complicated you have to remove the face of the unit and only then you can check if something is loose or broken. If it is loose and you know how to screw it back do it by yourself. But if something is broken don’t risk and call a professional.

Try Lubricating the Motor:

Like every electronic device, the air conditioner has a motor that needs moisture every now and then. The sealed motors come with oil then you can use to lubricate. If the motor is dry this should fix the rattling noise for good.  

If Nothing Works Bring in an Expert Opinion:

Even if you think you can do it yourself because you have done it before but this time it may not be the case. It could be that the motor has some serious issues or the fact that AC wasn’t installed properly and need to be reinstalled.  

There could also be a leak. Gas leak to be specific and perhaps that need to patched up and refilled so it is always wise to get an expert opinion just so that you are safe and further damage can be prevented.

In conclusion, above are the reason that can cause your AC to rattle but if the issue is more complicated bring in the expert.

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