How to entirely renovate your bathroom?

There are millions of house owners, who want to renovate their wet room bathrooms. But, most of them do not know how to do it and whom to contact? It is known to everyone that only a professional can do that but in which skills you will choose them? Well, this is a hard job. After considering their background, portfolio, customer database, quality, budget, expert workers, you will hand over the project to them.

But, do you have any idea how to renovate? Have you thought of any idea or design? It needs effort. Here, you will find simple tipsto change their space, but with the minimum of breaking breaks.


A good coat of paint can hide that dubious bathroom color scheme. For a more timeless style, opt for more neutral colors, always trend. The paint can be extended to the tiles and other coatings if done with care. Ideally, the cover should be made with epoxy paint, based on water or solvent that resists the humidity of these environments. Each 3.6L gallon costs approximately $ 180.00.

It may not seem like an economical solution at first glance, but it is a good cost-benefit when compared to a new coating kit or the stress of a complete overhaul.

Use large format floors

The large format floors are great for small bathrooms. A floor of 1.20 meters by 60 centimeters, which can be a porcelain tile, for example, can occupy the entire width of the bathroom. This reduces the amount of grout on the bathroom floor, which gives the impression that it is larger. In addition, because the floor has a large format, one can opt for a smaller and more charming coat, for example, in the box area. It can be a 3D coating or tablet, as both look very beautiful in this type of situation.

Opt for porcelain countertops

This is a tip toward the economy in the renovation of the bathroom. One can dispense with the use of granite, marble or expensive stones and opt for porcelain tiles. In addition, it is possible to use the same porcelain tile used on the floor.

Use glass box that goes up to the ceiling

When possible, if the bathroom window is positioned inside the box, it is interesting to use a glass box that goes up to the ceiling. This is a good option because it prevents discontinuity in the bathroom. That is, an interruption in the total height of the bathroom.When it goes up to the ceiling, the glass prints larger amplitude to the bathroom.


As you can follow, all the tips presented are simple to put into practice. That is, it is entirely feasible to renovate a small bathroom so that it looks more beautiful and seemingly wider. Therefore, taking these tips into account is essential for achieving a satisfactory outcome.However, as it is a meticulous work, one should hire a company or a professional expert in cutting and laying porcelain tile.

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