How to Correctly Use Standing Desks: A Few Tips

Standing desks are popular these days because they are highly beneficial for productivity as well as health, and especially with the version of the standing desk in which one can make adjustments for sitting as well as standing. But the problem is that nowhere you are going to find clear guidelines on how to use a standing desk. In this article, we will see how to use the standing desk correctly to get the most benefits out of it and minimize the negative effects.

  • Change Between Sitting and Standing

We all know that sitting for a long time isn’t good for our health, but it also doesn’t mean that you can’t sit, you have to keep standing all along. A lot of studies show that standing for a long time might give you pain in the lower back, as seen in the occupations who work standing up for most of the time, such as, bank tellers. Standing for long may also affect tendons, muscles of your leg, as well as other connective tissues. It might even cause varicose veins. And this can easily be avoided by alternating the positions between standing and sitting. So, researches show that for every 1 to 2 hours you sit on your desk, at least one hour you should stand and work.

  • Adjust Screen and Desk

You have to have correct screen position and desk height in your workplace; it will minimize your risk of injury and improve your comfort. Your screen should be around twenty to twenty-eight inches away from your face. Your desk should be at your elbow height while you are standing. If you are having a height of 5’11”, your desk height should be 44 inches.

  • Use Anti-Fatigue Mat

If your job demands are standing for an extensive period of time, you should use anti-fatigue mats. The mats are used to combat your fatigue while you are standing by making subtle movements of your leg muscles. This will reduce discomfort and will improve the flow of blood.

  • Mouse and Keyboard Position

You need to optimize your wrist position while you are sitting for standing as your wrist strains if you are working on your computer for too long. Always try to keep the mouse and keyboard at the same height while working, and if still your wrist sores, you need to use adjustable keyboard stand and gel mouse pads.

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