How To Clean And Maintain Your uPVC Double Glazing Windows

Many homeowners choose to install double glazing windows in their homes for a variety of reasons, including increased thermal efficiency, better security and an improved overall aesthetic. Modern double glazing windows are available in a variety of styles and colours, and are built and designed to last.

The advantages of UPVC double glazing windows far outweigh those of traditional single-glazed windows supplied in timber frames. With wooden window frames and single glazing, maintenance is an absolute must to ensure that security isn’t compromised and that the windows remain, as long as possible, in their best condition. Treatment, painting and general up-keep of the wooden window frames is vital to ensure that they do not rot or splinter sooner than they should.  

Where UPVC windows are concerned, maintenance takes much less time and money. However, although they are designed to be durable and long-lasting, a little bit of general maintenance every now and then will add to the lifespan and appearance of your windows.

To make sure that your UPVC double glazing windows continue to look and perform their best, here are some helpful tips. 

Cleaning Your UPVC Double Glazing Windows 

To clean the panes themselves, a lot of homeowners choose to use standard window cleaning products with a piece of kitchen towel. Of course, this is effective but there is in fact a simple way to create your own window cleaning solution, which is just as good, if not better! 

To clean your windows, mix 4 parts water with 1 part white vinegar. To apply, use a microfibre cloth. That’s it! This simple solution will leave your windows sparkling, but be sure to do it on a dull day. Cleaning your windowpanes on a sunny day can result in quicker drying which can often lead to smears and streaks. 

Preventing Mould Build-Up On Your UPVC Double Glazing Windows 

Mould build-up is common for most windows due to naturally occurring condensation. You can avoid condensation forming on your windows by making sure that your furniture isn’t pushed up against walls, and keeping windows and doors open in your home where possible to increase ventilation, for instance, opening a window when taking a shower. 

To be extra savvy, you can buy cleaning products specifically suited to tackling mould and mildew, which are usually very cheap! Cleaning your window frames with this type of product will work towards removing mould and preventing any mould from growing around your UPVC double glazing windows. 

Maintaining Hinges and Locks On Your UPVC Double Glazing Windows 

UPVC double glazing windows are supplied with a range of mechanisms and features to increase security. Without attention or a little bit of maintenance, the security of your home could be compromised due to faulty locking or rusty hinges, and access can become limited when you need it most. 

Simple techniques to maintain the metalwork of your windows could include using a cotton bud to remove build up of dirt from hinges, and using a light oil (such as the household favourite WD40) to keep locks and hinges free-moving and squeaky clean!

Helpful? We Hope So!

UPVC double-glazing windows are designed and manufactured to be a long-lasting, low-maintenance product, but a little elbow grease never hurt. Quick fixes, such as keeping hinges well-oiled and ensuring your home is well ventilated, will ensure that your windows remain in optimum condition for a longer period of time. 

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