How to choose the Best Colour for your Rug- 2021 Edition!

A rug helps to tie together the look of your living space. However, with so many options available, choosing the right one can feel like deciphering a riddle. A well-chosen rug will unify a room and will last for years. The majority of designers will tell you that a rug is important to complete the look of a living area.

On the other side, rugs can be extremely expensive. And, because such a large-scale item has a major impact on the way a space appears and feels, choosing one might be intimidating. A well-made rug can last decades in your house. The incorrect rug will serve as a daily reminder of how much money you wasted — and how much money it will cost to replace.

When it comes to interior design, a rug has the ability to instantly define or alter the ambience of a room. That is why selecting a rug, particularly an area rug, requires much thought. The colour of a rug is a critical component, making the query ‘what colour rug should I get?’ one of the most frequently asked interior design queries.

Therefore, for those of you who are unsure how to choose a rug colour that is ageless, practical, and attractive, we’re going to provide our top tips.

How to Select a Rug’s Colour?

1. Room Dimensions

The size of the room is a design element that can influence the colour carpeting you choose. Understanding the relationship between room colour and room size will assist you in selecting a rug colour.

Choose a light-coloured carpeting for a smaller room to create the sense of additional space. Natural-coloured rugs are ideal for this. Additionally, they are a classic choice that works well with both modern and bohemian decor. If you’re looking to expand the vibe of your area, we recommend examining cream or beige-coloured rugs.

On the other hand, if you have a large, open-plan area, a dark carpeting can act as a focal point and help define the space. Creating more open and convivial living spaces is a developing trend, as is the adoption of dark, rich colour palettes. Blue is the colour du jour, so perusing some of our lovely blue carpets is a good place to start.

2. Atmosphere

The colour of your rug will have an effect on the overall ambiance of your room, much more so if you use an area rug to cover the entire floor space. The main colours in a space can influence how you feel while in it, so keeping the mood in mind is critical if you require assistance with area rug colour options.

To create a cosy atmosphere in a living area, dark and earthy colours work well. Natural tones are peaceful, while dark hues serve to create an intimate vibe in a space. If you want to create a room that feels light and airy, choose for light and natural-coloured rugs.

Cool-coloured rugs will offer a sense of peace to a sunny and bright room, such as a conservatory. Rugs in pastel blue and sage green would contribute to the tranquillity of the space. On the other hand, yellow, orange, or red rugs instantly give warmth to a room.

Rugs with a variety of colours and patterns are ideal for art-deco living areas. Vibrant, colourful rugs are one-of-a-kind and brimming with personality, and will help create an ambiance that is both uplifting and enjoyable.

3. Individual Style

We wish to emphasise the relevance of personal style while deciding on a rug colour. Rugs, for example, express your personality and character, so resist succumbing to the need to conform to trends.

Trends in interior design, include popular colour palettes, ebb and flow. Therefore, when deciding on the colour rug for your home, consider your personal style and whether or not your affinity for a trend will be fleeting!

Consider your particular style if you require assistance with area rug colour selections. Area rugs are intended to dominate a place, and they are an effective tool for influencing a room’s overall style. Therefore, be sure to select a hue that truly speaks to you.

If you’re decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom, it’s definitely worthwhile to solicit their feedback on the colours they prefer. This manner, you may be certain they enjoy their time in their room. As children’s style tastes vary more frequently, choosing for a bright, compact rug for their room is a fantastic choice.

4. Existing Colour Palettes

Interior designers frequently advise clients to ‘start with the rug’ to help centre the room’s overall style, concept, and décor. If you’re able to do so, it’s absolutely worth a shot! However, the majority of people are unable to replace their existing furniture, décor, and painted walls. Thus, when determining how to choose a rug colour, it makes sense to take into account the current colour palette in the room.

There is no point in wasting time attempting to match your rug’s colour exactly to the colours in your space. Indeed, if you strive too hard, you’re likely to end up with an artificial space. Rather than that, concentrate on picking a rug that complements your existing interior design components.

‘Should rugs match the colour of the walls?’ This is a frequently asked question, and we would argue that they do not have to! If your rug is the same colour as your walls, it becomes distracting and the rug’s impact is diminished. Choosing a rug that matches or has the same colours as your walls, on the other hand, will establish a strong basis for your room’s overall aesthetic. Here are some of our favourite interior colour schemes.

If your room’s decor is subdued and colourless, a bright, vivid rug might serve as a focal point. Alternatively, you might choose a grey or black carpeting to compliment the other colours in the room.

Similarly, if your area features, splashes of colour, you can choose for a neutral carpeting to avoid detracting from your décor. Alternatively, you might choose a rug that coordinates with your upholstered furniture, soft furnishings, artwork, or other decorative objects.


We hope that our tutorial has inspired and reassured you about how to choose a rug colour! Take a look at our variety of rugs and you’re sure to find one in a colour that appeals to you.

Alternatively, for additional interior inspiration, check out our rug colour guide and other blog topics.

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