How to Choose Rug Size for Your Living Room

Rugs and carpets are perhaps the most underrated accessories when it comes to living room décor in American homes. However, they add a touch of class to your space. Besides dressing up your bland flooring, they add warmth to your space and offer comfort to your feet. If you have kids and pets at home, they provide a cozy area for them to sit and play.

Not surprisingly, the carpets and rugs market in the US is thriving, with an impressive revenue of $17.79 billion as of the start of 2024. Additionally, the per capita spending of each person on these floor accessories is $55.60. Whether you want to buy a rug for the first time or upgrade an existing one, you can expect to be spoiled for choice.

You may opt for a classic traditional piece or choose an Oriental, fur, abstract, or shag rug. While it is easy to take your pick when it comes to styles, rug size is one place where most homeowners go wrong. The worst part is that you may end up with an expensive piece that looks out of place because it is too big or small.

We have a list of simple tips to help you choose the perfect size for your living room rug.

Measure the Room

Measuring the size of your living room is the best place to start. According to The Spruce, the average living room in the US measures 18 feet long and 12 feet wide. Your space may vary according to the size of your home. Besides measuring the dimensions, note the location of doors, windows, and other architectural features. The shape of the room is another factor to consider.

Having this information at hand will help you compare rug sizes in the market, whether you shop online or visit a décor store. You can easily shortlist the pieces that will fit comfortably within the room instead of wasting time comparing the wrong ones. Moreover, it eliminates the guesswork from your shopping spree and minimizes the hassles of exchange and return.

Define the Purpose of the Rug

In addition to considering the dimensions of your living room, you must define the purpose of the rug to choose its size wisely. Are you looking to anchor the seating area? Do you want to add warmth to your living space? Do you only want to enhance the décor of your living room? Are you planning to create a reading nook or play area for your kids? The answers to these questions decide the rugs’s purpose.

Consider the local weather to determine the functionality of your living room rug. Let us imagine a home in San Diego, a city in California that experiences warm weather throughout the year. Professionals offering recommendations for home remodeling in San Diego suggest small area rugs to create cozy corners in the living room. A thick rug for the entire floor may not be weather-appropriate.

According to Optimal Remodel & Design, remodeling is a complex project requiring proper planning, even if it is about swapping an area rug. Homeowners should pursue excellence in every detail, including the perfect-sized floor carpet.

Consider Furniture Arrangement

The furniture arrangement in your living room is another factor determining the area of the rug you choose for it. A large one accommodating all the furniture legs would be apt if your seating area is floating in the center of the room. Conversely, a smaller rug that fits snugly within the seating area is a better option to create a more intimate arrangement.

You may want to create separate seating areas in a large living room. For example, you may want to dedicate a corner for a play zone for your little ones. A reading nook by the fireplace and a dining area near the bar are some other ideas for dedicated furniture arrangements in a living room. You may opt for smaller area rugs to create the illusion of small islands in a large room.

Leave Adequate Space around the Rug

Another tip you must follow while picking a perfect-sized rug for your living room is to leave adequate space around the rug. Remember that the border of flooring around the edges should be consistent so that the area appears balanced and visually appealing. Without the space around the rug, it may seem to clutter or overwhelm the available area, specifically in a small room.

When it comes to leaving space around the rug, you must also consider its shape. Rectangular rugs are better than square, oval, or circular designs because there is hardly a chance of going wrong with their placement in a rectangular living room. You may also consider custom cuts and binds for your rug to get the surrounding space right.

Avoid Some Common Mistakes

Home décor experts list a few mistakes homeowners should avoid while choosing a rug for their living rooms. These blunders go beyond picking the wrong size because there are several ways you can choose something that does not fit in. Here are the common mistakes you should steer clear of:

  • Picking a small rug size because it can make the room feel disjointed
  • Choosing the same color palette for the rug and other elements such as the walls, chairs, and throw blankets
  • Not adding variety in textures of the rug and furniture can create a bland appearance
  • Going too bold and busy with the rug pattern because it can make your living room appear too loud

Homeowners often pay maximum attention to the main décor elements such as walls, furniture, curtains, and décor pieces. It is easy to overlook the living room rug, but you will realize the mistake once you bring home the wrong one. Your place will lack the warmth and charm that only comes with a perfect accessory for your living room floor. You don’t have to be a designer to get your living room’s floor décor right. Follow this simple checklist to find one that looks and feels great in your living area.

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