How to Choose Interior Doors

When it comes to choosing interior doors, many decisions must be made. For instance, what is the colour, shape and style of the doors? Are they pre-hung, or will you have to install them yourself? Is it worthwhile to work with primer-only doors and complete the finish yourself? These questions and many more can help you narrow down your options and make the decision easier on yourself.

Today, with the help of Cosmaroma, you can learn all you need to know about interior door purchases. First, we’ll look at the aesthetics of the purchase and then move on to the more technical aspects of the project. There is a lot to cover, so let’s not waste any time and get started on this exciting project!

How to Choose Interior Doors: Aesthetics

The aesthetics of your interior doors are arguably the most important aspect of them. After all, once you’ve settled on the right look for the doors, most of the technical aspects can be handled in conjunction with your hardware store or material supplier of choice. Broadly speaking, you can divide your aesthetics into three distinct categories: colour, style and shape. Let’s break down the options in each one.

We’ll start with the shape of your doors. The shape is probably the smallest choice you’ll have to make, so starting with it will be easy but also dictate much of the rest of the project. Overall, you’ll only be able to choose between rectangular, standardized doors or specialty doors that may be curved, oval or other common shapes. For anything but rectangular doors, you’ll be ordering and working with custom pieces, which fall outside the scope of this article, but we’re sure they will look absolutely fabulous!

The next consideration is the style of the door. Door styles are usually distinguished by the number and shape of the panels present. These may be a series of two or more rectangular shapes that stand out from the median surface of the door. The shapes may vary from a rectangular shape to have rounded corners or edges, or they may be divided to give more depth or texture. These alterations can all have an impact on the final look of the door, so take your time when choosing your favourite.

Beautiful wood barn doors and hardwood flooring give an elegant but down to earth type of feel

And, of course, when it comes to the style, you must also consider the different materials available. Wood, glass, metal, composite and combination doors can all have different visual effects, but not all doors are suitable for all applications, like glass doors for bedrooms, for instance.

Finally, colour can also play an important role in the aesthetics of your door. Rich, dark wood colours are timeless and classic but may clash with a modern or clean-looking design. Bright and interesting colours are a particular fad in many parts of the world, especially where exterior doors are concerned.

How to Choose Interior Doors: Technical Considerations

The technical considerations of your interior doors must also be considered. These include things like pre-hung or bare doors, primer-only doors and matching the trim of your home with the aesthetics of your door. Ultimately, many of these considerations will depend on the selection and availability of the products near your location and the specifics of the project.

For instance, if you are interested in doing more of the work yourself and saving the costs associated with professional work, then you are more likely to choose primer-only, bare doors. But, if you just want to pick your favourite look and leave the actual installation up to someone else, then the more that is done beforehand, the better.

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