How to Choose Dining Room Chairs that Fit Your Room and Your Budget

A good set of dining room chairs can define whatever room they are in. They can serve a wide variety of purposes that extend beyond a place to sit. If are you looking for a specific style that suits your individual living space there is a lot to consider. Dining room chairs come in a wide variety of styles, designs, seat material, and frame material. Knowing the specifics for each style can better aid in you pinpointing the right choice for your dining area.


Design is the simplest aspect of a dining room chair. There are three specific options to choose from: an armchair, a side-chair, and a Parson’s chair. An armchair has arms which provide an extra feature of comfort. A side-chair lacks arms and therefore provides more space. Side-chairs are usually not upholstered, however, which takes away from comfort. Parson’s chairs have no arms but are upholstered. This allows them to offer a modicum of comfort as well as space conservation. The key to selecting a good design is functionality. So, ask yourself which choice better functions within your dining space.

Seat Material

The material a seat is made out of effects style, price, and comfort. When choosing a seat material, you need to focus on the aspect that is most important to you. Upholstered chairs have a soft texture that makes them very comfortable. If you are looking for comfort this is the best choice. If you are looking for style go with wood or metal. A leather dining chair is very popular because it offers a mixture of both. These choices can be pricey, however, so if you are adhering to a budget you might look elsewhere. Wicker and plastic chairs are definitely cheaper but lack the style and comfort attained with more pricey choices.


Dining room chairs are very good at accommodating various styles. They can adhere to a rustic theme, a traditional theme, a modern theme, or a contemporary theme. So first decide the type of theme you want and then find chairs that suit it. A traditional theme uses carved wood so if you go traditional look for wooden chairs. Modern themes focus on simplicity so a Parson’s chair fits well in this scheme. A leather chair is a good choice for a rustic look. Plastic chairs are ideal for a contemporary design. No matter what look you go with there will be a wealth of options to choose from.

Frame Material

Frame material is an aspect solely focused on functionality. The type of material used to design a frame affects its durability and dependability. This includes both the type of material used and the way the frame is built. Frames with individual pieces are more likely to break than frames made out of a solid piece. However, a solid piece of wood costs more than a frame held together by glue or fasteners. So, when considering frame material consult your budget first.

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