How to Attract Tenants by Making Your Apartment More Convenient and Comfortable to Live In 

Working in an office seems like an option that is not viable anymore, in terms of gaining income. You can invest in stock markets, be an entrepreneur or invest in physical properties such as apartments to have another source of revenue. If you have an apartment building that is operational but is not yet profitable, you can opt to intervene and access the situation. Having 3 out of 10 units occupied is an area of concern.

If you’re wondering how you can attract more tenants to your space, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Increase curb appeal

Curb appeal is the house’s visual attractiveness seen from the street. This tip focuses on the exterior of your property. If you have a front lawn, a trim, paired with manicured bushes can do the trick. Pick out weeds and trash in the area and clear it. Plants and a few pots of flowers will add color and provide an appealing and comfortable feel to it. Make it livelier as a property, instead of tenants feeling like its just a unit they rent. Make sure to check if your unit number is visible and readable. If not, purchase some numbers in your local hardware shop.

Repaint if needed

Nothing attracts tenants more than a well-maintained and clean property. Physical appeal matters. If you notice that the original paint is cracked and dull-looking, repainting is highly recommended. You can ask for help from local hardware staff as to what color is appropriate for your property. For rentals such as apartments that can be graced with crayon marks, ink, or grease, semi-gloss paint is a viable option. Wiping these marks off is easier with this kind of paint. For the exterior of the property, pick a paint that can withstand heat and humidity, rain and dust. Painting a property is considered a tedious task, but you will experience a long-lasting impact.

Choose neutral home colors

Speaking of paint, picking a suitable color is vital as well. Yes, neon pink looks exciting at first, but it can put off prospects as it can be hard to look at. Unless your future tenant specifically throws in instructions of having the property painted with that color, stick with the neutrals such as beige, cream, and grey.

Check the kitchen and bathroom

These areas tend to be the most looked at when prospects search for a property to rent. Always present a clean bathroom and kitchen. If there are knobs that aren’t working, replace them. If faucets are leaking, replace them. Tenants won’t want to be bothered with these inconveniences in the long-run. Replace light bulbs if necessary. If you have extra resources, you can purchase matching appliances or furniture like farmhouse furniture specifically for these areas.

Making your property livable should be your number one priority as the owner. How you tend to your property should mirror the expectations of tenants.


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