How sleeping position affects the sleeping quality-Unravelling the secret connection

What else can be more satisfying than waking up refreshed and rejuvenated? According to the Sleep Foundation, most of us spend one-third of our lives sleeping. During this time your body recharges and prepares itself to overcome the next hectic day. But do you know what position you’re lying in bed determines the quality of your slumber? Yes! You read that right. Let’s Acknowledge how sleeping position affects the sleeping quality so that you can switch up to the right position.

Not just sleeping quality, your sleeping posture also impacts your health. Unfortunately, your favorite sleeping posture might put you at certain health risks. So let’s explore the most popular sleeping positions and their impacts. More than that, I have also listed some tips for taking care of your sleep quality that will make your mornings more fresh and energetic. 

Fetal position

Most of us love to curl up to achieve that profound night’s sleep. Sleeping on your side with bent legs curled in is a great posture for pregnant ladies. It is so because the uterus doesn’t get pressed against the liver. Not only this it aids in reducing lower back pain and can lessen snoring. However, a tight fetal posture can limit deep breathing. Moreover, extreme curvature can result in back discomfort. 

Tip for improved sleep quality

Avoid curling up into a tight ball. Stretch it a bit and sleep with a relaxed back.

Sleeping on your side

If you love to catch your ZZZs in the side position then you’re on the right track. Side sleepers tend to have improved digestion. More than that, it aids in reducing acid reflux. This posture is somewhat similar to sleeping in the fetal position, just your legs are not pulled in.

Tip for improved sleep quality

When it comes to sleeping on your side, try putting a pillow between your lower legs to cure lower back pain. 

Flat on your back

Those who crave fresh and wrinkled-free skin must sleep on their backs. In addition to this, the ultimate posture keeps your body aligned and reduces pressure from your back and joints. Thus, it works great in treating hip and knee pain. However, people with sleep apnea and snoring problems must avoid this sleeping posture. 

Tip for improved sleep quality

For optimal sleep, place a pillow behind your knees. It will help in supporting your spinal curve.

Lying on your stomach

Do you lie on your stomach? It might seem comfortable to you but it is one of the worst sleeping positions. Sleeping on the stomach for a long time can cause serious nerve issues. It hinders the natural spinal position and puts a strain on your neck and back. Furthermore, limited blood circulation and breathing limitations are the other nightmares.

Tip for improved sleep quality

Try switching to a better position. If not; keep your neck straight by placing your forehead on the edge of the pillow. Also, elevate your pelvis with a thin pillow.

Final thoughts

Now you know how sleeping positions affect the sleeping quality. If you ask me what is the best sleeping position? It’s good to sleep on your side. Now it’s time for you to elevate your nightly journey by picking up the right sleeping position. 

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