How Is Your Plumbing Affected By The Heat?

Though some people might associate plumbing problems with the winter, summertime can be just as, if not more stressful on a home or building’s water system. Our plumbing services company invites potential customers to read this brief discussion regarding challenges commonly precipitated by warmer weather.

Pipe Expansion

Extremely warm temperatures and direct sunlight both possess the ability to precipitate pipe expansion. Significant progression of this occurrence often causes cracks and, ultimately, bursting. Even the slightest crack could result in damage-inducing leaks that often prove costly to repair. Pipe bursts typically spawn acute flooding that necessitates immediate consultation with a company providing plumbing services.

Drainage Issues

During the summer, homeowners often entertain friends and family with greater regularity. The increased use of sinks, toilets, bathtubs and garbage disposal heightens the chances of said items developing clogs. Clogs can interfere with normal water flow and hinder the item in question’s capacity to properly function. Furthermore, clogs could eventually precipitate sewage backups, which can result in significant damage and expensive repairs.

Increased Water Usage

A household or business’s water consumption is typically greater in the summertime. Sometimes, this increased usage places a greater strain on already old or tired piping, ultimately resulting in clogs and leaks.

Higher Water Bills

Naturally, greater usage of a specific utility will lead to increased monthly expenditures. However, significant increases in water charges could indicate an underlying problem with the structure in question’s plumbing system.

Water Pressure Alterations

Excessive temperatures could raise a home or building’s water pressure. Over time, this event could place undue strain on the associated piping that might lead to cracks or complete breakages.

Potential Preventative Actions

Home and property owners are strongly encourage to practice extra vigilance in monitoring the structure’s plumbing system during the summer. Adhering to the following tips might prevent the preceding issues:

Address Any Known Problems

Obvious issues, including cracked or rusty pipes should be remediated immediately.

Look Out For Subtle Hints

Unfortunately, not all underlying problems can be seen in living color. Therefore, home and property owners are urged to pay attention to little hints that might suggest a tiring or damaged plumbing system. These issues, include unusual sounds emanating from pipes or plumbing devices, lingering drips, poor function and unusually high water bills.

Do Not Be Careless

Addressing issues, such as remediating minor sink, toilet or garbage disposal clogs may prevent larger problems from occurring.

Schedule Professional Inspections

The most direct and efficient preventative method is to schedule system checkups with reputable and professional plumbing repair companies. Representatives of such establishments can perform through evaluations, detect underlying problems in their earliest stages and initiate the most appropriate therapeutic techniques.


Home or building owners experiencing any type of plumbing problem or who wish to ensure their residence or office’s system continues to perform at an optimal level are encouraged to contact the experienced and skilled professionals at Prestige Plumbing. Please visit for further information about company and the services.

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