How do I Know if my Fridge is Broken?

While it is sometimes pretty obvious that your fridge is broken, like if it quits working all together, there are other times that it’s not so obvious and you don’t notice until it’s too late. If you’re not sure whether your fridge is showing signs of being broken or not, then you need to call in a Portland refrigerator repair company to inspect and diagnose your problems as soon as possible.

Many people don’t realize the dangers of keeping food in a fridge that isn’t working properly, but it is important for your fridge to be in optimal working order for the health of you and the ones you love. The following are some of the top ways to know if your fridge is broken or just in need of repair.

It’s noisy

While a new fridge does make a certain amount of noise, the noise shouldn’t be so loud that you have to turn up the TV to be able to hear it. Possible reasons the fridge could be making loud noises include a bad motor fan or blade, a build up of ice, or even a noisy condenser. Any of these reasons need to be dealt with right away, before they get any worse and damage the fridge even further. If you happen to notice your fridge making them, call in the experts to investigate.

There’s no water coming out of your dispenser

Many, if not most modern fridges are equipped with a water dispenser, making it easy for you to press a button and get cool, clean, refreshing water to drink. This type of technology is a water lover’s dream. However, if that dispenser stops working, you shouldn’t just ignore it, as it means something is up with your fridge. While most refrigerators have a sensor that lets you know it’s time to change the filter, many people ignore it. If yours suddenly isn’t dispensing any more, contact a professional to unclog the filter and tell you where you can get a replacement.

It’s cycling and running all of the time

The fridge is one of the biggest energy sucking appliances in your home, so if it’s cycling and running all of the time, your electric bills are going to soar. If the fridge is constantly humming, it needs a good cleaning from top to bottom and front to back. Sometimes, that is as simple as pulling it out and vacuuming the coils and other spaces. Others, it’s going to take a call to the local repairman to get it running right and those electric bills back down where they belong.

The fridge feels too warm

If you have recently started noticing that your fridge is growing mold or it has a strange smell when you open it, then your fridge is probably too warm. The first thing you need to do is check the temperature setting to see if it’s turned up too high. If that’s not the problem, then you probably have a bigger issue. Anything from the coils to the seals may need to be replaced, and that is better left in the hands of the professionals. Call the local repair company in Portland to take care of this problem with your fridge, as well.

While a little problem with your fridge may seem like nothing but a slight nuisance, it can quickly turn into something major that you don’t want to have to deal with. It’s better — and safer — for you and your family if you call in the professionals at the first sign that your fridge might just be broken. Otherwise, you may have to invest in a costly replacement.

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