How Clearabee can effectively help you to reduce the amount of Plastic that goes into rubbish removal

Plastic has become an important material worldwide for economic reasons, mainly because of the many advantages it provides. However, it can take thousands of years for plastic to biodegrade so besides polluting the environment and having an incredibly adverse impact on the oceans it also takes up a lot of space at landfill sites.

People can help to make a change to this situation by making sure that they reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce. Just a few ways to do this include:

Use a reusable shopping bag – Around 500 billion plastic shopping bags are produced, with more that 1 million of them being used every day, every year, all over the world. If everyone used their own, reusable shopping bag, the amount of plastic shopping bags will be reduced significantly.

Keep a set of reusable cutlery with you – When you order a take away meal, ask that they leave out the plastic knife, fork and spoon. If your meal is to eat while you’re at work, you can simply wash your cutlery after your meal and keep it to use for your next meal.

Opt for cardboard packaging rather than plastic – unlike plastic, cardboard takes a lot less time to biodegrade, so when buying items such as washing powder, choose a brand that uses cardboard packaging instead of plastic bags or containers.

Don’t use cosmetics that have micro beads as an ingredient – micro beads are a terrible threat to marine life who mistake the millions of these cosmetic ingredients that find their way into our oceans, as food. Next time you are shopping for soaps and other cosmetic items, make sure that they are micro bead-free. Thankfully, the UK has recently issued a ban against cosmetics that contain micro beads.

Keep a stainless steel water bottle or coffee mug with you at all times – Request that the restaurant uses your stainless steel mug for coffee or water, either to take away or if you’re having a sit-down meal. Also, keep a stainless steel flask or water bottle filled with water, rather than buy water in plastic bottles.

Have ice-cream in a cone – Thousands of plastic ice cream containers end up in dirt bins collected every day by Clearabee and end up in landfill sites. Order an ice cream in a cone when you’re out and about, or keep them at home to enjoy an ice cream treat that leaves no plastic waste behind when you’re finished!

Buy your fruit and vegetables from your local farmers market – this is a great way to eliminate plastic bags and containers and even those little plastic stickers found on these items in normal shops. Bring your own non-plastic containers for cherry tomatoes and other small fruits and berries, and simply put your other fruits and vegetables straight into your own shopping bag.

Take your own containers for prepared foods and meat – Your butcher or the servers at the prepared foods counter can simply weigh your container and deduct it from the total weight once they have filled your container with your order.

Use solid shaving soap instead of shaving cream in a container – Besides shaving soap lasting a lot longer than the cream version, there is no container left to go into your dirt bin for rubbish removal.

Why you should use Clearabee for your rubbish removal

The difference between Clearabee rubbish removal specialists and other similar companies is that Clearabee do not subcontract, but use all their own staff that have been vetted and trained properly, to deliver the best possible service to their clients.

Clearabee is open for business all through the year and do rubbish removal in all areas of the country. In addition to this, we do our bit for the environment by diverting more than 95% of the rubbish we collect, from the landfill sites.

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