Hot Summer: Beating the Seasonal Heat in Your Home

We are entering the hot summer season in a world where global warming is still raising temperatures continuously (with 2019 being one of the hottest years ever) and a global pandemic essentially forcing us to stay at home mostly. The big issue we have to deal with is beating the sweltering heat for three to four whole months. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can cool down your space and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the season.

If you feel like you have hot spots in your home or you’re melting in there, read on for some handy pointers to fix it:

  • Get an AC tune-up

Your air conditioning unit needs regular maintenance to function well and adequately produce enough coolness without building up malfunctions or accruing other issues like leaks, ice, or overuse of energy. HVAC experts who do AC tune-ups have noted that homeowners often bypass the procedure because they feel like minor issues won’t affect the overall performance of their unit.

These days, however, temperatures are expected to hit a new high, and your AC may need to work double-time. That may not be as successful if you don’t simply opt for a service that you usually need to get done about only once a year. Once it’s done, you can be assured that moving parts and cooling cycles of your air conditioning can last you the entire summer.

  • Arrange your furniture for the best airflow

Proper ventilation is necessary for your home to have good airflow. If cool air isn’t distributed well because of blocked vents or too much stuff piled together that accumulate heat and dust, then you can expect a much warmer and more uncomfortable environment. Try to space out how you arrange your furniture so that there is proper circulation around the home. On top of that, the biggest thing you can do is to declutter. Too many belongings end up retaining heat and spreading it out, aside from blocking pathways for cool air to get around.

  • Don’t forget the power of shade

Think about that sunroof or the porch that you have. These features are pretty to look at. However, they are some of the biggest pathways for the heat of the outside to steam right in. Heat in itself builds up inside of the home, so it’s best to block out any other sources that can intensify it further. The solution is as simple as getting sufficient coverage, such as blinds for your windows. If you don’t feel comfortable shutting them out completely, there is always the option of window tints that block out UV rays and lessen the warmth that comes through while still providing you a view of the outside.

Research has shown that scorching days may be ahead, despite the standstill of movement in society. Millions of Americans are expected to have to go through temperatures that are “off-the-charts” within half a century. So with these suggestions, you can make sure that your place stays nice and breezy and gets through the sun’s harsh rays.

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