Here’s What You Can Expect In Door Trends For 2019

Your home is all about aesthetics. Interior décor is all about the balancing act, where every element and component needs to be in sync with one another. This also includes interior door furniture. The doors of your home have to play a key role as how the décor transitions from one room to another. In this post, we take a look at interior door trends that are likely to dominate in 2019.

  1. Laminate doors for variation. Experts agree that Laminate doors are here to stay, and what makes them so appealing is the wide range of choices and variations. From simple walnut finish to a more natural woody look, you can decide how you want the aesthetics to feel. Just add the door ironmongery picks, and your home would be ready for the trendy season. You can check here to find more on tailored finishes in door ironmongery.
  2. Wood is everywhere. Accepting that natural wood has many flaws, designers are working on making interior themes more authentic and likeable. Wooden doors, in particular, can work with diverse kinds of décor ideas, and you can add in door knobs and handles in finishes like satin copper and antique brass.
  3. Sliding doors are back. With contemporary homes getting smaller by the day, homeowners are forced to look at diverse ways to maximize the use of space, and that’s where sliding doors come in handy. Sliding doors are trending, and interior designers continue to use it different spaces. Practically, sliding doors can reduce noises between rooms and can be used as simple room dividers.
  4. Embrace the earth. After playing around with pop colors and accenting shades for a while, earthy tones are back with a bang. Taupe and more unique options like terracotta work well with metal-finish door knobs and handles to create a more classic, yet contemporary theme for small and big homes alike.
  5. Shades of grey. Gone are days when one accenting wall was the thing to follow, and one could spot the trend in most apartments and big homes. In 2019, you are likely to see more of grey, which will work well as a contrast to wooden doors and special-finish door accessories like knobs and handles.

Not to forget, metal door finishes will also rule the charts next year, as a perfect complement to some of the trends we just discussed. Rethink your home next season – there’s a lot to achieve!

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