Glass Box Extensions

Glass box extensions are clear, frameless appendages for your home, they are made up of glass units and supported with glass fittings. They are bespoke conservatories. Glass extensions are audacious ways of adding attractiveness to your home, they function as a link between the inside of your house to the outside of your property. Glass extensions provide a seamless view of your immediate environment, asides from the aesthetic value it provides, it also provides you with a pretty view of your serene environment from the comfort of your home.

They can be accustomed to complement a contemporary building or add distinction to your traditional home.

The good thing about glass box extension is that they supply a mix of fancy space, natural sunlight, a moderate temperature and a serene environment.

 What are the Perks of Glass Extension to your Home?

 ●     Outdoor  And Indoor Connector: Glass box extensions function as a connector, bringing two areas together, they blend the inside of your home to the outdoors, with a custom made glass house extension you are guaranteed a cool space in the summer season and warm space in the winter season.

 ●     SPACE: Ever wondered the way to add expanse to your home, building a glass extension provides your the much-desired space, whether you would like an area for pleasure, an area recreation or an area where you can amuse your guests, having that extra expanse of space affords you that fancy and classy place.

 ●     LIGHT: For the fact that glass extension boxes are transparent and clear, it allows a large amount of natural light into the structure, the natural light makes it more attractive compared to electronic lights

 ●     Solitude  AND Tranquility: In a glasshouse extension, you have an area you’ll be able to be all by yourself to relax and luxuriant in the tranquillity of your environment and garden

Need an area far away from the regular noise and disturbance, a custom made glass box extension provides you with the needed peace. It also provides you with a fine-looking l and seamless view of the environment

 ●     Increase in Value and Price: By having a glass box extension in your home, you are guaranteed a rise in the value and worth of your home, should you ever intend to put up your house for sale, you are already provided with an advantage, it is a giant selling point compared to other houses without glass extensions.

 How Much Does a Glass Extension Cost?

Glass extensions cost way less than they are thought to be. If you are planning to fit a glass extension into your home, you might have to consider a budget of around $5000 per square meter.

The actual cost of glass extension depends on your choice of design and the custom shape you require for your project. Glass box extension costs on a median of $30000 to $50000, building a glass box is not a waste of money as you are guaranteed an increase in the value of your property. It would be money well spent in the long run.

Glass Extension in UK

The charges of installing glass extensions vary based on your location, specifications. Glass extension UK guarantee you a very cheap charge for the fittings of your structures.

Get connected with us for a free negotiation and advice in choosing the proper structure for your home.

We pride ourselves in providing top-notch and quality services and befitting structures to satisfy your desires.

We are available to help you install your desired glass extensions anywhere across the United Kingdom, call today to talk to our experts and technicians about your glass extensions

We are a design and home extension London company with 20 years of experience and reputation for customer satisfaction.

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