gianni's at the former versace mansion photos

Gianni’s at the Former Versace Mansion Photos

In the heart of Miami Beach’s historic Art Deco District lies an architectural marvel that once belonged to the iconic fashion designer, Gianni Versace. Today, this palatial estate houses “Gianni’s,” an upscale restaurant known not just for its culinary excellence but also for the rich history embedded within its walls. Let’s embark on a journey, exploring the mesmerizing photos of Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion.

1. The Entrance: A Grand Welcome

The entrance of Gianni’s is nothing short of majestic. The arched doorways, ornate sculptures, and intricately designed tiles give a hint of the luxury that lies within.

2. The Dining Room: Opulence Redefined

With elegant chandeliers, detailed frescoes, and a golden ambience, the dining room is reminiscent of an era where every meal was a royal feast.

3. Courtyard: A Serene Escape

Featuring a mosaic garden with the iconic Versace Medusa logo, the courtyard provides a tranquil space for diners to relax amidst lush greenery and the soothing sounds of water fountains.

4. The Bar: A Fusion of Class and Elegance

The bar, with its intricate woodwork and plush seating, offers an array of cocktails that pay homage to Gianni Versace’s legacy.

5. Rooftop Dining: Overlooking Ocean Drive

For those seeking a dining experience with a view, the rooftop area boasts panoramic sights of Miami Beach, complemented by the gentle sea breeze.


  1. Where is Gianni’s located?

    • Gianni’s is situated at the former Versace mansion on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach.
  2. What type of cuisine does Gianni’s offer?

    • Gianni’s presents a menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, reflecting the rich cultural influences of the region.
  3. Is it possible to tour the Versace Mansion without dining at Gianni’s?

    • Yes, guided tours are available that delve into the mansion’s history and architectural brilliance.


Gianni’s at the former Versace mansion stands as a testament to timeless elegance and luxury. The restaurant, through its magnificent photos, offers a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of Gianni Versace, allowing patrons to not only satiate their gastronomic cravings but also to immerse themselves in a world of fashion, art, and history.

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