Getting the most out of a small kitchen

It’s now becoming almost a cliché to say that homes are getting smaller. Fortunately, design and technology are both helping us to deal with this, by making it easier to get the very most out of even the tiniest spaces. Here are four tips to help you get maximum functionality from your small kitchen.


While this is also almost a cliché it is only too true. The more “stuff” you have, the more space you need to find in which to store it. Even if you really have pared back to the essentials, then it may be worth asking yourself if there are most compact options available. For example, you may have a standard metal colander you use regularly but a collapsible plastic one could do just the same job for less space. Obviously, there is a cost to replacing items you already own, but most standard kitchen items are fairly affordable so this may be worth considering.

Invest in proper storage solutions for those awkward spaces

The idea of putting stuff on top of a fridge is nothing revolutionary, but if you’ve just been using it as an improvised shelf for light items such as cereal boxes, then you may be missing out on an opportunity. Get a proper shelf with shelf brackets which can sit above the fridge and you can treat it accordingly, in fact, if space permits, you might want to install more shelves for less-frequently needed items. Likewise, if there is any space between appliances and/or cabinets, then look for narrow storage units (preferably on wheels) to make the most of it. If you can have space on your wall, then install a pegboard, hanging rail or even just a hook to create some more storage space. Of course, remember to ensure that these are kitchen-grade, for example use a stainless-steel pegboard rather than a wood or plastic one.

Remember that going up includes your ceiling

By this point in time, probably just about everyone is familiar with the idea of using all the vertical space but remember that your ceiling can be used for storage too. If you own a property with a tiny kitchen, you may want to invest in proper, ceiling-hung cabinets, for everyone else, ceilings can be the place to hang items which are bulky but light. Depending on your situation you may want to make these lower-use items, but if you can safely install a pulley system (i.e. in such a way that there is no danger of tripping over the rope) then you could integrate your ceiling into your main storage.

Be smart with your sink

The idea of an over-the-sink cutting board has been around for years now, but these days you can pick up a huge range of over-sink accessories with draining boards and shelves being especially popular. In fact, if you have space above your sink, you might even want to install a cabinet with an integrated draining board so you can put your dishes away wet and leave them to dry themselves.

Author Bio
Tara Neil are specialists in bespoke fitted kitchens and bedroom suites, with a 4,000 sq ft bedroom and kitchen showroom in Reading.



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