Get your Home Loan approved with Tu Casa Express

Buying a home is a one-time investment, so everyone wants to have the best home at the best location. It is only possible with the huge money but if you don’t have the one then you need a funding company. The funding company will give the requested amount of money to the applicant and the applicant will return the amount to the funding company. Getting the money is the final step of the process and there are a lot of steps which should be followed before getting the loan which includes preapproval, appraisal and data verification. So let us start with the first step.


If you are applying for the home loan then you should have the funding company of your choice for your home loan. This step requires a lot of research on the applicant’s behalf which includes the lowest closing costs, best terms, and rates of interest on the total amount of money. You can make use of the internet and search the funding companies like Tu Casa Express. Always go with the best decision because a good company like Tu Casa Express can lower the total amount of return while a poor company can increase the total amount of return. Submit the details of the last drawn salary, report of credit score and your personal data. After close examination, the company will decide about the total amount to be given.


This is the second step of the process. In this step, you need to get the appraisal from the company and the company will decide that what the amount which you are giving for buying the property is apt or no. In short, this step involves the total valuing of the property. An employee of the company will visit the property and make the report of the total value of the property.

Data Verification:

As this is the last step before handing over the money to the applicant, this step needs a great time. The Tu Casa Express will start verifying the information provided by the applicant salary slips, credit report, money in the bank and length of employment etc. This step is important on the company’s behalf because they want to make sure that does the applicant would be able to return the borrowed money back to the company in the limited time or not. As the verification takes time, so don’t get overanxious. If the company have any doubt about any document then the applicant have to give the justification to the company in the writing format.

After the approval, appraisal and data verification, it is the company who will decide about the acceptance or rejection of the application. If the home loan application gets accepted then get ready to move into the new property.

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