Garden Stools Ready for Summer

Did you ever think that the biggest trend when it comes to summer 2019 would be a stool? This summer, Chinese garden stools are one of the biggest trends of the season when it comes to home interior design. Offering an elegant, unique and beautifully exquisite idea for a variety of uses both inside and outside of the home, these stunning garden stools could be the finishing touch to any beautifully crafted home interior.

What Are Chinese Garden Stools?

These unique garden stools are a small, drum-shaped stool, generally crafted in porcelain with either a solid or detailed hand-painted design finish. Originally crafted in China over 1000 years ago and used solely within the garden, these unique designs have evolved into much more than simply a garden stool.

Where Should I Place My Garden Stools?

Garden stools like this are the perfect finishing touch to an elegant exterior. Placed beside natural rattan furniture, floral displays or on decking or patio feature, add a pop of seasonal colour to your outdoor space.

Chinese garden stools, however, are used increasingly as part of a stunning interior design concept. Whether they’re used within a living room area as a side table or beside beautiful statement chair, think outside the box when it comes to using a Chinese garden stool as part of your interior décor.

Keep the finish of your room or outdoor space simple and contemporary with a white Chinese garden stool, adding pure sophistication to a space or bring a splash of colour into your environment with bright teal or even a touch of metallic hues with a rich gold. Alternatively, keep the overall aesthetic of the space authentically Chinese by opting for a painted motif finish for added detail.

Whatever your style when it comes to creating the perfect indoor and outdoor space for the summer, get garden stool ready with a unique twist on a classic piece. Use them throughout the garden, beside your external furniture or within your interior space for a luxury statement with a stylish edge.

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