Florida Title Search

Successfully buying or selling a real estate property is considered one of the most complex transactions with the growing need for a reliable title search company to get you through the transaction. Title search companies have the duty of mentoring home buyers through the purchasing process while helping homeowners successfully sell their homes. These companies carry out such activities by scrutinizing real estate data found in the county courthouse, carry out a liens search to know what’s keeping out potential buyers from the property.

Property title or title search in real estate business and law is considered as a method of getting documents retrieved with evidence of an event that took place in the history of a real estate property; this is done to determine important interests and regulations regarding that property. In case you want to purchase a real estate property, how can you be sure of the property’s history and that there are no strings attached to the home’s title or how can you be sure if the seller is the rightful owner of the home? Title related problems can act as a limitation to your use and satisfaction of the property which could cause future financial loss.

This is the more reason a reliable Florida based title search company was created to put an end to such home buying and selling problems. Getting a title search and Title Insurance Florida can always assure you of the property you’re going after learn and know more about the history. In case of a future purchase, Florida Title Search can be brought in to answer some major questions regarding the listed property:

  • Does the seller possess a marketable and saleable interest in the property?
  • Are there some restrictions or allowances relate to using the land? Some of which may include easements, real covenants, and other equitable servitudes.
  • Are there any existing liens on the property which may need settlement at closing? Some of these include mechanic’s liens, mortgage and deed, back taxes and other assessments.

Homeowners may sometimes decide to carry out title search when they wish to get a property mortgage and the bank requires transaction insurance from the owner. Title Search Florida, Inc. has the right knowledge and requirements to get your title search done as the company specializes in Florida title searches and related reports. We get documents related to conveyance of land belonging to public records. Such documents are kept in hard copy paper format and sometimes scanned into an image format. The information kept in the documents is normally not accessible in data format as they hold some information such as descriptions of legal events containing terms, conditions, and language in excess of data.

After a sale contract has been accepted, we have the job to search the public records, checking for potential problems with the home’s title. We get a typical review consisting land record dating many years back. In every one-third of every title searches, a title problem is revealed which will need the service of a top title professional to get in place before you can make moves towards the closing. Just in case the previous owner had minor construction work done on the home and failed to fully settle the contractor, the previous owner might not have paid local or state taxes. Title Search Florida, Inc. is out to help real estate investors resolve such problems before they can close a transaction. Failure to get a title search company might lead to arising problems after moving to the house.

Normally, there exist two major types of title searching processes, a limiting coverage search, and a full coverage search; other minor types include foreclosure guarantee and a non-insured reports search. Read further and get a full explanation of the major title search types;

  • Full Coverage Search: This title search type is often done when working on a sale/resale title transaction report and other transactions involving construction loans. It normally involves searches related to lien properties, covenant, easements, agreements, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), resolutions and ordinance affecting the real estate property is involved. Some full coverage searches include;
  • Search for liens against the buyer (only applicable on sale transactions)
  • Search for liens against the owner and other parties involved in the title.
  • Search for bankruptcy as well as judgment actions against the property owner.
  • Searching for liens against buyers is not usually covered by a title search.
  • Limited Coverage Search: Limited coverage searches normally include the making of title reports used for refinancing transactions involving loans for ownership equity and for making reports for simple title guarantee. Limited coverage title search usually involves property liens searches, liens against the owner and other parties involved in the title and bankruptcy actions against the property owner.

Some Common Title Problems

Here is some common title problem real estate investors face daily which can be solved by a title search:

  • Fraud and Forgery: Those involved in such activities sometimes play very smartly and persistent which might lead to difficulties during your home purchase. You might purchase a property through a real estate company, getting a notarized deed from the seller and before you know it, the true owners of the property show up from nowhere and immediately initiate legal ownership on their property.
  • Missing Heirs: Never make a home purchase from an heir without consulting a title search company. You might be buying from the wrong person while the right heir will show up in no time which will mean an expensive problem for you.
  • Conflicting Wills: Conflicts from a deceased owner’s will may put your homeownership at stake. A seller’s relative might claim ownership on a property after sale which will sum to a large amount of money.

As a reputable Florida title search company with over 25 years of experience in the Florida title research industry, we have a main goal of protecting the interest of real estate dealers, both buyers and sellers.

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