Water damage is a nightmare for many owners. The smallest of leaks can become a sinister problem, leading to detrimental problems. Even worse, the damage caused by water is often irreversible. It can cause serious issues such as wood deterioration and a fractured foundation. Therefore, such dire matters require extreme vigilance. It is crucial to rain-proof your house, especially if you wish to avoid tremendous financial loss.

Constant wear and tear can cause the adhesives on windows and doors to disintegrate. Not only will this allow water and rain to seep in, but it will also let in hot/cold air depending on the climate. Instead of waiting for leakage to occur,  resealing your windows and door frames is advisable. Moreover, inspecting the exterior condition of your window panes and doors is imperative. Cracks in the walls, specifically close to the windows and doors, will need refilling. A cheap and convenient option is to use a foam adhesive or apply a new paint layer.

  • Roof Maintenance

From the dawn of time, the roof has been considered a shelter from countless disasters. While other features such as walls and flooring hold significance, a house is never complete without a roof. Hence, neglecting the maintenance of your shield is likely to compromise the durability of the house structure. The life of a rooftop lasts from 25-30 years. However, these numbers are subject to climatic conditions, as well as the maintenance provided.

Studies report that Virginia gets over 110 days of rainfall every year, which is a considerable amount. With such weather conditions, the roof is likely to undergo insurmountable damage. Therefore, hiring professional roof contractors Petersburg VA has to offer is a great option. Professional contractors provide a variety of services — from renovation to repairs and maintenance.

  • Clear Rain Drainage & Gutters

Inspecting your gutters and confirming their functionality is vital for keeping your home rain-proof. Trees and plants surround the residential areas for numerous homeowners. The rain drainage is susceptible to getting blocked by obstacles like leaves and branches, or in some cases, pine needles. A clogged gutter can result in all kinds of debris to accumulate on your roof. Ultimately, this can lead to treacherous problems such as electrocutions and water leakages.

Therefore, the first step in making your home rain-proof would be through clearing the muck in the gutters. Doing so on your own is possible, but do not hesitate to do just that if the situation entails professional help.

  • Rain-Proofing Your Exterior

As mentioned before, a painted surface can serve as a decent water-resistant tool. The damage your exterior sustains is prone to ruining your beautiful interior. Mold, discoloration, bloated walls are crucial indicators for water seepage through the exterior walls. Checking whether the state of your outdoor paint and the sidings is well-maintained or not will point you in the right direction

Investigate for any signs of holes, warping, or wood rotting. Pinpointing the problem in advance will help prevent multiple issues. Moreover, it will require minor repairs and cleaning the damaged sidings. Regardless of the material, most sidings need to get painted to offer a higher degree of protection.

  • Downspouts and Runoff

The water and debris flowing into the gutters or drain funnel into a component known as the downspout. The primary function of a downspout is to direct the water away from your home. However, many owners have not positioned the component adequately. In many cases, the downspout helps channel water into a wet patch of water outside your house. The occurrence is mainly because the downspout’s ideal placement is several feet away from the exterior walls. Although the length varies depending on the household, at least 2-3 feet from the house is recommended.

Lastly, a house situated on a slanted surface may result in water buildup in your backyard. Unless you want your yard and foundation to suffer irrevocable damage, rechanneling the runoff is imperative. Excessive water accumulation can cause problems such as waterlogging, salinity, and soil erosion. All of these problems will make your foundation vulnerable to several disasters. A somewhat cheap option would be to install a french drain. The French drain acts as a small trench to redirect the water, costing around $1000.


As essential as water is to all life, it holds power to destroy the strongest of materials. There is a limit to the damage your house can sustain. While a home’s lifespan can go over 50 years, it still requires the appropriate care and maintenance to survive that long. Similar to how a shield requires polishing, your household has necessities. Moreover, the tips mentioned above are likely to help you cater to these necessities.


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