Finding the Right Log Home in North Carolina

When searching for somewhere to move or to use as a seasonal getaway, people living in a big city or suburb commonly prefer a new home somewhere with peace, quiet and beautiful scenery. Some of these people may be in search of a home designed to make it easier to experience a nature-lover’s paradise.

Log homes are among the best examples of these residences, and North Carolina has plenty of settings perfect for such a house. However, you’ll need to consider several factors to find the best one for you, such as design and convenience. Here are some tips for finding the right log home in North Carolina.


Certain homes serve particular purposes, and some come with more than one. When it comes to log homes, some people choose a spot for a permanent residence to get away from the noise and craziness of more populated areas. You may have found a job that lets you work from home and you want to spend time somewhere that lets you get your work done without interruptions. Another reason to have a log home is to spend your summer vacation becoming one with nature.

Make sure when looking at log homes for sale that you know beforehand what you are going to use it for. It’s important to know that it has the features needed to be able to keep you comfortable in both the short and long term.


Another factor that will help you find the perfect log home for you is the size of the option you pick. You may be looking for a large log home that has enough room to keep you and your whole family comfortable, and these homes are also more likely than smaller alternatives to have been designed to handle the worst weather of North Carolina. Bigger log homes are also preferable if you plan to have friends and family over for different occasions, such as vacations and the holidays.

However, you may instead be looking for smaller log homes if you are moving in by yourself and only want it to include the necessities. These options also come in handy for saving you money and being environmentally friendly.


Experts in the log home field will have an easier time picking the style of their homes than those who are new to the area and are interested in shifting from the average suburban house or apartment. It is important to research designs that are available for these homes, because you can have the logs milled to meet a specific profile or cut into half logs that are placed to look like full ones.

If you want a home that was made the old-fashioned way, you can stick with those that were made with chainsaws and other hand tools. There are also log homes made with a timber frame, horizontal and vertical beams, wood that is glued together, and even a combination of any of these styles.


How the log home you are interested in is built may also determine how comfortable you may be spending short or long periods of time in it. If you have experience in construction and want to take a shot at expanding to the more natural aspect of building homes, then you might want to build your own log home so that you can bring it to life in your vision.

However, if you prefer a log home built by a professional, then you can do research on the people who built homes you’ve admired and see what their track records are in building such homes in the past. The builders should also be able to provide references so that you can feel more comfortable in your new home.


Safety plays a major role in finding the right log home in North Carolina, as well as any other place, and this factor is influenced by the land where the home is situated. Being located in the wilderness puts owners at risk of issues that are less common in more urban areas, such as mudslides and forest fires. Even events such as thunderstorms and snowstorms can cause power outages and damage to the logs that keep the home together.

Be sure to discuss with your prospective builders and previous owners how harsh the weather can get in the area, as well as how well the land is able to keep the home in one place. It also helps to find out specific emergency services to call for particular natural dilemmas so that you feel safer in your home.

Keep these factors in mind so that you find the North Carolina log home that suits your goals.

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