Find The Perfect Presentation for the Proper Pool

In the continuation of the topic of the features of installing a swimming pool on the territory of a country house from this article, you can learn about how to choose the right tile for the pool.It turns out that ordinary tiles that are used for bathroom decorations are not suitable. Simple tile does not withstand the constant high pressure of water, the impact of various microorganisms and chemicals that are used to disinfect the pool bowl.

  • For this purpose it is necessary to purchase a special tile or ceramic mosaic that will not harm health after a while and, not least, it will correspond to sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • Using a tile in the pool lining, make sure that it is recommended by the manufacturer for prolonged contact with moisture.

First of all, it is necessary to study the moisture absorption percentage of the tile that has already been chosen for basin decor. With a good and high quality tile, this percentage of water absorption must be at least three units. A too porous surface will absorb water too easily, and this will lead to brittleness and rapid deformation of the product. The support of the pool tile company happens to be essential in this matter.


One should not forget about microorganisms, from which it is much more difficult to get rid of on a porous surface. Their rapid reproduction will lead to contamination of the water, the pool itself and will become dangerous for the health lovers of water procedures.

Mosaic pattern of the pool

Outdoor pool equipment requires the decorating material to withstand sudden changes in the environment. Otherwise, it will crack or, even worse, fall off immediately after the first frosts, strong hail or heavy rain.

Equally important is the impact resistance of the material. Mechanical damages caused by an accidentally thrown toy or some other object can be avoided by studying in advance how strong the tile is.

Another property that you should pay attention to when choosing a pool tile is anti-slip, because it is constantly under the cover of water, and therefore the risk of slipping near the reservoir, falling and traumatizing increases. Manufacturers for such a tile consider the relief of the surface, making it rougher or covering it with a means that protects against slipping. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to the goods with an even surface, on which it will not be difficult to stand barefoot, and it will not be difficult to take care of it. The right tile store is by your side for the whole process.


Mosaic tiles

Producers of all the tiles for the pool, manufactured by the world, try to adhere to European standards, according to which the tile should have an anti-slip effect. Hence the division into three classes:

  • A-class tile is intended for decoration of locker rooms and ancillary rooms.
  • Tile B-class is suitable for finishing the bottom of the pool, the area around the pool and shower areas.
  • The C-class tile is designed for decorating staircases directly into the water.

In addition, each owner will fight for an attractive look of new clothes. Today, manufacturers of pool tiles offer a diverse selection of color palettes for this material. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase both a one-color tile, and a tile with a pattern or ornament.

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