Exploring Burlingame Five Prime Areas for Your New Home

Exploring Burlingame: Five Prime Areas for Your New Home

Do you dream of owning a home in a prestigious city with as many trees as its residents? Also popularly identified as the “City of Trees”, Burlingame CA offers its residents a small-town charm, with plenty of things to do. Considering its proximity to major towns and the Pacific beach, many discerning home buyers flock to the Burlingame housing market seeking a place to call home. 

If you desire to live in such a lucrative neighborhood, Burlingame realtor will give you an edge in the fierce housing market and ensure you own your dream home. Furthermore, nothing compares to the scenic yet peaceful neighborhoods in Burlingame. Let’s traverse some of the most sought-after Burlingame neighborhoods you can opt to settle in.

1. The Burlingame Gardens

Home to under 2000 residents, Burlingame Gardens is one of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in. Furthermore, living here comes with a lot of perks including quick access to the major Highway 101 and proximity to some of the spectacular shopping and dining scene.

The Burlingame Gardens envelops individuals from all walks of life ranging from young professionals to retirees. The area is also accessible to top-notch private and public schools and is also a haven for every family that embraces nature and outdoor activities.

Burlingame Gardens

2. Burlingame Hills

If you’re seeking a quiet family-friendly neighborhood to reside in, Burlingame Hills might be the perfect spot for you. Besides privacy, homes for sale here have larger lots thus offering breathtaking views of the entire Burlingame area. Again, accessibility in this area is not an issue since the 280 freeway allows residents to easily commute to San Francisco or Silicon Valley.

3. Easton Addition

The Easton Addition is a resident favorite especially due to its convenient location, affordability, and architectural excellence. Many homes here are structured with an expansive interior floor space. If you’d like to stroll the Broadway’s stores and restaurants often, relocating to the Easton Addition can be ideal. Moreover, the mature trees surrounding the area bring a sense of seclusion. Proximity to a medical center, several parks, and the Burlingame Public Library is what sets apart the Easton Addition from other Burlingame neighborhoods.

4. Burlingame Estates

This neighborhood is one of the most affluent yet desirable areas to live in Burlingame. Its unique attributes like easy access to big cities, affordable homes, high-end schools, and excellent quality of life make the Burlingame Estates a haven for every discerning homebuyer. If you want your loved ones to enjoy a vacation-like lifestyle, then this is the place to be! Summing up its level of upscale living is its high-level security and the overall neighborhood tranquility.

5. Burlingame Terrace

Nestled at the intersection of Broadway and Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame Terrace showcases the exemplary California’s architecture and vibrant culture. In addition, the various historic homes here add to the overall allure of this neighborhood. Most of the high-end properties are located less than a mile from Burlingame’s most coveted shopping and dining destination. Furthermore, the Aquatic Center, Burlingame High School, and several parks are only a few minutes’ drive.

Buying Your Burlingame Dream Home with Mary Ann Teixeira

Like many discerning homebuyers, you too, would desire to experience the gracious charm and timeless elegance persevered in Burlingame neighborhoods. Although moving to Burlingame may seem trickier on your own, collaborating with Mary Ann Teixeira’s realtor team, guarantees you experience a smooth seamless homebuying process. After all, this exceptional team will prioritize your needs as they partner with you to find your Burlingame dream home. Contact them today and begin your homeownership journey!

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