Embrace natural allies against pests for a healthy home

Maintaining a healthy home involves much more than surface-level cleaning and organizing rooms; it also brings in the need to control pests more effectively. And while your conventional pesticides can help you with a quick fix, their chemical composition makes them more of a threat to the inhabitants.

However, there are plenty of other natural remedies to a pest situation that are not only effective but are also highly sustainable and eco-friendly. So, if you are looking for a healthy, pest-free home, these methods should help you get the right results. But, if you really need professional help, this company offers natural solutions to keep your home pest-free.

Essential oils

Harness the aromatic defenses of essential oils and keep pests at bay. Citrus, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus oils are quite known for their fragrant and pest-repelling properties and you should easily be able to whip up a DIY spray at home with liquid soap, water and a few drops of essential oil. Use it to spray near entry points or on surfaces to drive off any incoming pests without any harmful chemicals.

Neem oil

The neem tree has been one of the most widely beloved and widely used trees for centuries. With each part of the tree contributing to traditional medicine and agriculture, the neem tree also boasts anti-pesticide properties and neem oil is the most environmentally friendly manifestation. Simply dilute neem oil with water and apply it to affected areas around the house. The neem oil disrupts the reproduction and growth of the pests, which cuts off their life cycle.


Not only is vinegar a kitchen staple, but it also can act as a natural pest repellent. The acidic nature of vinegar makes it the perfect item to be repurposed as pest control. Dilute white vinegar with equal parts water to create a DIY solution at home and spray in affected areas. This can be a really potent solution for spiders and ants. Plus, the smell of vinegar tends to wear off quite quickly, leaving behind a fresh and pest-free home.

Garlic and chili pepper spray

Like the mighty vinegar, your kitchen is home to some mighty pest warriors. Grab a few garlic cloves and chilly peppers and blend them well with water to create a potent mixture. Ensure that the solution is concentrated. Now strain the mixture into a spray bottle and dilute with water. Spray on the affected surfaces. The strong aroma of this mixture will deter any pests from entering the house. However, remember to keep the solution out of the reach of children.


Cedarwood is long known for its insect-repelling properties and has been used extensively in homes to deter pests. Consider placing a cedarwood block in the closet or spraying cedarwood essential oil around the house to get rid of moths, roaches and other pests. Plus, its earthy and woody aroma is quite pleasant, which adds to an aromatic home experience.

DIY traps

These ingenious traps are an affordable and chemical-free way to manage specific pests in the house. For example, a simple mixture of sugar and borax can be used quite effectively to create ant traps. The sugar will lure in the pests, while the borax in the solution will eliminate them. Not only are these effective options for pest control, but they also give you a hands-on approach to getting rid of pests.

The quest for a pest-free home is riddled with many options, both natural and chemical. But with traditional pest control methods, the side effects outweigh the quick benefits they offer and if you want a healthy home, natural solutions are the way to go.

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