Don’t Forget to Schedule Your AC Repair Check


Owning a home requires regular maintenance to prevent expensive and often unexpected repairs that can sometimes break the budget. When making a list of necessary maintenance for your home, don’t forget to add your HVAC system!

Regular Maintenance on Your HVAC System Can Save Costly AC Repair in the Future for Your Home

Having your AC system regularly maintained not only helps the system last longer but can also prevent an unexpected AC repair that can wreak havoc on your finances and inconvenience you and your family during the summer months.

The experts at Hoosier Heating and Cooling in Terre Haute, IN recommend that you have preventative maintenance on your HVAC system two times per year – one for heating and one for cooling for the best performance.

It is best to schedule the preventative maintenance check-up at the beginning of each season before you use your AC or heat for the first time so that any issues can be diagnosed early to make the correct AC repair to avoid further damage to your system. This is crucial, as using an AC system that is in need of repair can cause extensive, costly 7damage to your HVAC.

Benefits of an AC Repair Check

  • Receive peak performance from your AC system with regular AC maintenance
  • Get lower utility bills when your AC is performing at its best and saving energy
  • Lower risk of mechanical breakdowns when the system is properly maintained
  • Ensures that your HVAC warranty remains valid
  • Keeps your system in tip-top shape for more years of service from your equipment

Contact the experienced and friendly team at Hoosier Heating and Cooling today at (812) 917-4774 or (812) 917-4214 to schedule your AC preventative maintenance to keep your HVAC system in the best condition possible and enjoy affordable utility bills for cooling your home during the summer months.

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