Do The Switch! New Water Suppliers For Non-Household Customers In The UK

If you have been having problems with your business water bill lately because of unexplainable charges, maybe it is time to make the switch. Facts reveal that over 1.2 million businesses and non-household customers in the United Kingdom now has the freedom to choose their water supplier. In fact, this is good news for many businesses in the UK. If you are interested in this change, you can find out more about switching your water supplier here.

Switching Water Suppliers, Are You Eligible?

Before you make the switch, it is important that you know if you are eligible or not. The eligible customers are the non-household premises that still pay the business water rates. This includes the schools, local authorities, NHS trusts, and other public sector organizations and businesses. But you have to remember that your water company is the one responsible to make sure that the eligibility is correctly assessed before you switch water suppliers.

Benefits Of Changing Water Suppliers

If you choose to change your water suppliers, you will be able to request for consolidated and electronic billing, as well as enhanced frequencies. This will also enable you to get data about your water consumption and billing anytime you need it. Another benefit is that you can have financial savings and better customer service which you are not getting from your current supplier. And if you have sites in other regions, you will be able to rationalize your supplier base.

Choosing A New Water Supplier

These days, the number of water suppliers in the UK is increasing. This is why customers now have more options compared to what they had in the past. However, if you switch water supplier, the choice is not easy to make. This is where you need the help of a consultant. There are now professional consultancy services in the UK that can help you do the switch, like the H2O Building Services.

A water audit will be done first where your past bills will be compared to your recent water bill. You will be guided in determining the areas where you can reduce your cost and also increase your water efficiency. Your current supplier records will also be checked to identify billing accuracy as well as maintenance services that you had in the past. By doing all these, H2O Building Services would be able to find the best supplier for you.

Do The Switch With H2O Building Services

Once you have decided to switch water suppliers, the H2O Building Services would have consultants to help you with the process. As long as you already have a preferred water company, H2O Building Services will do the arrangements for your switch. This includes your exit from your existing water supplier and joining your new partner. With H2O Building Services, the switch to your new water supplier would be easy, swift, and stress-free.

Nowadays, there are so many things that we have to worry about and that includes our fluctuating water bill. If you think that you are not getting a fair service, or maybe you are being overcharged for what you are consuming, then do not hesitate to make the change. Soon, you will be glad that you made the decision to change your water supplier.

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