What is the Difference Between Repairing Double-Pane Windows and Storm Windows?

Windows are very important for our comfort living. No matter where we are, at home or at work, glazed units accompany us everywhere. Weather influence as well as desire to decrease our costs for heat waste made the people to produce double-pane windows and even storm windows. To answer the question about difference in repairing these both types we should firstly take a look on their structure and purpose. We decided to devote this article to these popular windows and to tell you more about all the advantages if both are used in a combination.

Double-pane windows are not only popular but also very useful. This is a unit, that consists of two interconnected glasses. The chamber in between is filled with inert gas for heat insulation reasons. If tightness of construction is broken moisture, sound, dust and dirt will get inside. This structure provides the best energy saving ability: in cold climate they keep warm air inside and when an outside temperature is high they do not permit the hot air to get into the rooms, by keeping the premise cool with enough daylight. This feature reduces energy bills and provides you a good sound isolation. In comparison to single pane structure, double-pane windows are safer and reliable. 

Storm windows were supposed to serve only for one main purpose – to protect our homes from storms and hurricanes.  However, with the time goes by, people started to install storm windows to give their homes a new look and to meet energy saving needs as well.  Evolution made an impact on shape and appearance of this window type.  Starting from blind sash, they can be now met in following configurations:

  • double track – a window with one lifting sash, which moves in a vertical plane;
  • triple track – a model with two mobile frames that move in parallel planes;
  • two-track slider – one sash opens in a horizontal plane.

Moreover, producers start to make the glasses with UF protection, and you can also order full confidentiality – the ability not to be seen from outside.

There are internal and external types of storm windows, which means that they can be installed outside (most commonly) or inside of the room. The frames are made of different materials, starting from wood and finishing with plastic.  Important to note here, that storm windows serve as additional element to protect your home, but they do not substitute using regular double-pane windows in the house.

The purpose of storm windows is to protect the house from natural disasters. They also possess other advantages:

  • lessen possibility of condensate appearance;
  • provide additional sound isolation;
  • enhance heat insulation ability of main windows;
  • strengthen tightness ability.

Actually, storm windows are a good solution for those, who want to achieve advantages above at comparably low cost.  The construction of the units permits their easy installation and dismantling works. However, as earlier mentioned, this type can never serve as the only windows in the house, they are additional.

Having said that, it is easy to understand that the more complicated construction is the harder it is in service. Apex Window Werks team believes that in order to save time, health and budged, glazing connected problems should be solved only by experienced professionals. Let us do repair of double-pane windows for you. We will easily identify the problem and do correct repair works. 

No matter what type of the window is we will easily correct all the disruption. It will take less than an hour for a professional to repair damaged double-pane windows. Dismantle works come first. This type of windows is removed with the help of rubber hammer and chisel. Remember, that glazing beads are being removed from the center to the corners. Long come first, then lower beads, upper ones are the last. Glass packet should be held all the time. The most convenient thing to do is to use rubber suction cups for this purpose.

As you can see from the picture, the work is normally being done by two people.

Installation of a new glass should be done into cleaned from debris and dust window space. The linings are used for the glass to be placed into the very center of the space. The main thing to remember is that installation of glazing beads is being done in reverse order. You will hear a specific click when all the parts are at the right place.

Construction of storm windows is a bit easier, but main steps to replace the glass are about the same as for double-glazed window.If your question is “how to fix a broken window pane”, then the activity is about the same:  exact measurements, dismantle works and new glass installation.

Repairing of double-pane windows is not an easy task, but Apex Window Werks professionals can do everything. We work with all types of windows, including storm windows. If your regular house windows are used in combination with storm windows your home is protected from weather and double secured in terms of energy saving abilities. Call us or leave your message today, and we will gladly get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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