Dependable Pest Control: Article – “How to Spot a Termite Invasion”

How To Spot a Termite Invasion

The struggle is real. Each year termites do billions of dollars of damage to homes, outbuildings, and crops. No one wants to be the person who ends up with termite damage in their building, but, the reality is, it happens, and the termites are not choosy about which buildings they destroy. The best thing you can do is keep an eye out for these little pests, and catch them early before they do too much damage.

Swarmers flying outside

Swarmers are young termites with wings. In the springtime, they leave their nests to mate, and to look for a location (for example, your house) in which to start a new nest. These new colonies will then invade your house, causing chaos within your walls. Watch for the swarmers themselves flying around, or piles of their wings, usually near a door or windowsill. They shed these wings as they enter your house to form their nest. This will be your first sign of a termite infestation.

Outdoor tree problems 

Termites can damage more than just your house. Watch for damage to your trees and bushes. They may stop in these nearby areas of greenery on the way to your house. Look for small holes in your trees and woodshavings at the base. If you dig around the base of the trees you may find dead termites, or their discarded wings.  

Headbanging termites

Not the heavy metal, hair flying type of headbanging from the ’80s, but rather the sound of the termites munching away on your wood. Although, according to a study done a few years ago, termites do actually work faster when they hear rock music! They can sense the vibrations of the music, and kick it up when “listening” to the fast-paced rock music.

The headbanging comes in when termites sense danger. They bang their heads against the wood of your walls to signal the danger to other termites. You may also hear the termites munching away in your wall, making a clicking noise that sounds like a typewriter when they eat. 


Also known as termite droppings, frass is a sure sign that the termites have invaded. As they nest inside the wood, eating away, they create tunnels through the wood. The termites pull any moisture they can from the wood and discard hard pellet-like droppings. The droppings are small, like sawdust, but in trying to keep their work area clean, they toss all these little pellets into a pile just outside their workspace. 

Tight-fitting doors and windows

Stuck windows and doors often mean the humidity has gone up and the hot, sticky days of summer are upon us. This is because the wood around the openings tends to expand in the heat. However, it can also mean the termites have arrived! As they eat their way through your wood, these little pests produce moisture — sometimes enough moisture to cause your wood to warp, making your windows and doors hard to open. 

When the Termites Have Invaded

These are just a few signs to watch for during termite season. If you spot a termite infestation, don’t go it alone. It’s tempting to try to fix the termite problem on your own, but calling a pest control specialist will ensure you really get all the termites out of your home, for good. 

Termites cause serious damage. You don’t want to leave any behind to multiply and regroup. Dependable Pest Control has specialists on hand to inspect your home, recommend proper treatment, and follow through with that treatment. We will also inspect your home after treatment to ensure your termite invasion has been completely eradicated. Let us help you get your home back the way it should be, pest-free!


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