Deceptive Mis selling Techniques for CWI in the UK

CWI is now a cause of concern for many homeowners. There is a reason why this is happening but it is linked to much more than just botched installation and it can ultimately link to an issue that will take years to be resolved.

The Energy Saving Scheme

Cavity Wall insulation started to garner more attention in the last 20 years. CWI was pushed by energy companies who wanted to hit the energy-saving quota that would give them UK funding. In order to do that, they started to market CWI as a cheap insulation alternative that would cut down on a home’s heating bill.

The reason why it got so popular so fast is that many of the energy companies decided to offer free CWI installation to homeowners completely free of any costs. It is estimated that over 6 million homes in the UK have CWI insulation done this way.

Work done by companies without the right skills

In this rush to get the energy-saving quota, these companies hired a lot of installer companies. Since these companies were not thoroughly screened before being hired, it comes as no surprise that installers did botched installations on many UK homes. Walls were either over-filled, under-filled, had empty spaces, the ventils caused by installers without experience in the field lead to a problem that is now at almosation was blocked or the holes in the walls were not sealed properly. All of these problemt epidemic proportions for many UK homes.

CWI is not for every home

Cavity walls are there for a reason. The cavity, the empty space between the two walls, is there to help keep your house dry. The cavity wall would make it so that even if the outside wall was damp from increased rain, the interior of the home would be dry.

Many of the homes that got CWI insulation are not naturally watertight. Water can get it through small unnoticeable cracks or even through the exterior layer of porous brick. Therefore, a CWI done to a house that does not need it can cause way more problems both for the residents and for the structure of the building itself.

How many homes have been affected?

It is very hard to gauge the exact extent of the current problem due to the mis selling techniques of CWI. An estimated number tells us that anywhere between 12 000 to 3 million UK homes have been affected in the past years. The scale of the problem will take time to be fully documented since these issues do not appear overnight. However, if almost 3 million homes could have been affected this only helps to show that one in two homes were damaged by this power-saving scheme.

The battle to fix this cavity wall problem is still underway and the association in charge of coming up with a solution is CIGA, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.

No win no fee claims management services come at a price 

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