Creating the bathroom that you really want

A bathroom is a special place. It is certainly not the room in your house where you spend the most time. But it is an important room nevertheless, most probably because it is the place where you pamper yourself and take care of the basics. Bathrooms are also rooms that when done right can add immeasurable value to your property and extraordinary value to your life. But how do you go about getting them to be amazing spaces that are zones of comfort and relaxation rather than just rooms reserved for bodily functions and cleansing. Here are a few ideas.

Lighting is important

Traditionally bathrooms are dark little rooms with frosted glass in the windows. The idea here is that people shouldn’t be able to see in. But what if you want to see out? There are few things quite as relaxing as looking out a window onto a lush and beautiful garden while pampering yourself in a bath. Obviously if your bathroom overlooks the street or the front of the house that is a bit of a problem, but if it is round the back or side of the house there should be no issues. Look to find a supplier of blinds or shutters so that privacy can be created if needed. A Google search for something like ‘blinds Tuggerah’ will give you a list of names of people supplying the products in your area and you can take it from there. But you will be amazed how wonderful a bathroom with proper natural light feels.


Make sure that your bathroom has plant life in it. Pick plants that will thrive on the steamy and moist conditions and get them into the room. Hang them from the roof or have them in pots on eh window sill. Ferns and delicious monsters are great examples of plants that work well in eth bathroom. They help create a relaxing atmosphere and take away from the hard edges and feels of tiles and mirrors and shelves.


Make sure that the taps, mixers and shower heads are premium products. It doesn’t matter if the bath, basin or shower are from the cheaper end of the catalogue, just make sure that the taps are premium quality. It makes such a difference using world class fittings and the nice thing is that they are not even that expensive. There are so many choices to pick from, there is absolutely no need to go for the most basic – a good mixer or shower head will give you pleasure each day that you use it.

Say ‘no’ to shower curtains

Shower curtains are relics of the 1970’s and there is no place for them in modern bathrooms. They are cold and clammy, and they attract mould and mildew. They also tend to leak water all over the floor. Rather look to develop a wet room or get a simple glass door or screen to keep the water from going all over the floor. But in terms of enhancing your showering experience, not brushing against a cold shower curtain is a major boost.

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