Create window blinds with your own picture

If you are trying to avoid mass produced items and looking for a special and unique solution to cover your windows – diy vertical blinds is what you need. You have an exclusive opportunity to try yourself as an designer. Traditional curtain has less advantages than window blinds, that‘s why more and more home and office users choose a more practical solution. The maintenance of window blinds is extremely simple. You have to follow an instruction how to measure window size to make an order and later instal it.

Let‘s learn more about the process of making window blinds. It goes without saying that each window blind has to be made following the dimensions for specific window size. You can easily measure dimensions by yourself, diy instructions are given. After you measure windows and enter all other information such as address, window blinds type, it‘s time to choose colour, pattern or upload an image that you want to see on window blinds. After order is formed and paid, you will be informed about the process of manufacturing and when you can expect your brand new window blinds received to your address. Installation is not a difficult process. Follow instructions and do it by yourself.

If you are out of ideas or your designed window blinds look not good enough, you can browse thru library of existing designs. Different patterns, colors or images could be chosen. If you are looking for something really fashionable – try designer blinds. It‘s up to you, which design you will find most attractive. The library is very big and everybody will find something that meets specific needs.

There are two main types of window blinds. Vertical and roller blinds. Both of them could be made with your uploaded image. The main difference of vertical blinds that it consists of a number of the same size and material lanes hanging vertically and could be rotated by its axle to let sunshine to come inside of the room. Roller blind is a solid piece of material that could be rolled up or down. Vertical blinds have empty spaces between each lane and that space could be adjusted depending on lane position. This feature makes vertical blind unique.

It can be said that window blinds are the most modern way to cover windows from inside. The maintenance is extremely simple and design could be made or chosen to meet even the highest requirements.