Cost to Install a Garage Door

Stop and think for a moment about how often you use your garage door before you go off an look for a new garage door installation in Dallas TX.

If you think about it, you might find hat like many of us, you may use your garage door more than your regular door. This means that your garage door needs to function well. It needs to open and close smoothly and even look attractive and inviting to you and the people that use it.

A garage door is important. It improves your home’s efficiency and even increases the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Installing a new garage door is an important first step to improving your home and increasing its value.

The Cost Is A Factor

But when you first move into a home and you are making those mortgage and insurance payments finding the money for an improvement like this can be challenging, especially if you are not prepared. So what is the cost of a new garage door?

It really depends on several factors, but generally speaking the cost can range from about $500 to $2,000. These numbers include the cost of the garage door and the necessary hardware.

Even so, a new garage door installation, can vary widely and depends on materials, installation time, costs and whether the area will need adaptation or not.

The Cost of The Door

Do not base the cost on the garage door cost alone. Besides the cost of the garage door model, there are a number of other factors to consider in the estimate.

You should also think about electrical wiring needs, current garage door removal and disposal and the new installation costs. These costs can add another 20 to 30 percent to the overall cost of the installation.

Other garage door installation charges can include resizing the opening, replacing hardware and reframing the exterior. Keep in mind that any new features you decide to have can also add costs to the installation.

Additional Costs to Consider:

Garage door materials – There are a number of styles and materials to choose from. But the more elaborate a garage door, the more it will cost. Common garage door materials are aluminum, wood and vinyl. Of the different options, vinyl is the least expensive.

Insulation – If your garage connects to your home you also want to consider a door that has insulation. With added insulation you can experience about a 20 percent increased energy efficiency, even though the door will come at a higher cost.

Garage Door Opener Installation – If you need to renew the garage door opener system, you can expect this to have an additional cost of between $150 to $300.

Consider This

Width – Doors come in different styles and materials but they also come in different widths, either single-width or double-width. If you decide on one over another you will also need to consider additional costs.

Lighting – Homeowners also sometimes want exterior lighting to go with the new door. This will require the services of a licensed electrician and may have an additional cost.

How to Save on Garage Door Installations?

To save money, you need to analyze all ways of saving money. You need to analyze the cost of the door against the long term cost of energy as well. Make sure you also look at the warranty on the door and the installation costs.

A garage door company will give you a warranty for the labor and the manufacture of the door. The door company should have a warranty phone number where you can call for emergency door repair.

A garage door company will typically warranty their labor while the manufacturer of the door will guarantee the quality of the actual door. The garage door company should also be able to handle and emergency repair jobs as needed.

Third Gen Garage Doors charges a standard $150 rate, plus parts/hardware for service calls after installation, which is a good deal for a garage door repair.

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