Common Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

When your commercial drain is clogged, the first concern may not be the cause but instead getting it fixed. Regular drain cleanings can help prevent any grease traps in clogged drains in your building, but there are signs that you may need commercial drain cleaning services sooner rather than later. A slow drain or one that backs up frequently are two common signs that you will need to call a plumber. When fixing your commercial drain, there are different types of services that may be considered, depending on the type of clog and the problem.

Drain Snaking: This is the simplest method of clearing the drain and it’s usually the first one that is tried to clear any blockages. A drain snake, which can also be called a drain auger, is made from a cable and is sized according to the pipe that needs to be fixed. Many plumbers will reach deep in the pipes, find the clog, and remove it. However, there are some clogs that are more severe and require more than a snake to remove it. This is where other drain cleaning methods come in handy to clean your pipes.

Video Inspection of Pipes: If snaking the pipe fails to remove the clog, then video inspection may be needed in order to see the location and cause of the clog. This method gives the plumber a better idea of how to move forward when cleaning out the blockages. Older buildings could have pipes that are made from clay or cast iron, and over time these can collapse, which cause the blockage. In this case, it may be needed to replace the pipes. Restaurants and other businesses that frequently handle food can have blockages that are caused by food waste or grease. This builds up over time and will restrict flow and cause sewer backups. Businesses that have grease traps should make sure they are pumped on a regular basis, in order to avoid any severe backups.

Hydro Jetting: This is one of the more aggressive forms of drain cleaning and is used when a snake won’t work. This method uses a strong stream of water to clean the inside of the drains and will clear even more stubborn drains most of the time. The main benefit of this method is that it can work for a wide variety of blockages. Hydro jetting can damage weak or old pipes, which can cause more damage to the whole plumbing system. Video inspection may also be used to get a look inside the pipes to see if they can withstand the pressure from hydro jetting.

Prevention is key when it comes to drain blockages. Regular commercial drain cleaning can help prevent any backups and clogs before they become a real issue.

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