Colors and trends starring in Scandinavian decoration

The average friend of the decoration has in mind that Scandinavian decoration is an all-white celebration. So it is not so and we will prove it in different shades and trends!

Of course there is a great deal of shades of white and large quantities of natural wood. The secret is the use of color in moderation. Still, in Scandinavian decoration there is a great use of leather, colors of sand, amber, light green and rust colors.

The purpose is to slightly change the color palette without the usual large contrasts.

The Scandinavians express the pioneering Design. As with Eero Saarinen’s table and chandelier chairs that has conquered the world over the last 60 years. These are expensive pieces, high design, but over time that will continue to inspire the next generation of decorators and friends of the decoration. The issue is not that this furniture has returned to the forefront in recent years. The point is that in any decade if you saw them, you would have liked it again.

Inspiration comes from the natural colors: forests, fjords, soil and, of course, ice. Because of the lesser sunshine, they are characteristic of the large windows, which they first used on a large scale (along with the Americans) and then the rest of the world. Sunshine is also the reason for the light-colored base colors, so their homes are shiny and then added to their palette the natural colors. But let’s see in practice the 7 colors and trends that star in the Scandinavian decoration!

Nature is the inspiration

Decorating with color does not need to be something that scares you. Scandinavians choose colors from nature in soft tones, without taking particularly decorative risks. Nature, in fact, is the greatest teacher and rarely makes mistakes.

If you want to add some shades of pink like dusty pink, copper or pink gold, do it on a small scale or with transparencies and it will fit incredibly.

Wood and Leather

The Scandinavians are not pioneers. We knew this style of decoration late. Since the Vikings, the decoration rests on wood and leather and this is not something that has changed. They will just prefer the slightly damaged wood look, the lighter wood for furniture and cream or light brown leather for the furniture. All these choices give warmth to their otherwise fairly pale palette.

Keep Scandinavian furniture Made in Scandinavia, they will keep much longer and will get beautiful natural wear than other manufactured elsewhere. Everything is a matter of specification, price and raw materials.

Give me plants, give you color

In Denmark, located a little further south than the other Scandinavian countries, they prefer to add color through the plants. Their obsession is seen from their overgrown cities, where the flowers dominate. This is a smart way to make their life more beautiful because of the lack of brightness and sunshine.

At the same time, beyond color, plants give life and texture to a space, and if you read us you know our position on the subject. Plants are preferred with colors such as the red of the photo, purple and pink to have a great influence on a limited scale.

Oh, you like it?

Like the French, the Scandinavians are more desperate for the stylized imperfection! That is, something that seems seemingly out of place or out of position, which at a second glance is exactly where it should be. This is the reason for the successful mix and match we often see in the Scandinavian decoration, with different designs and colors in a neutral-all-pallete. You can, for example, buy poster prints online and make them as the central theme of your living room.

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