Choosing the Right Protective Coating Sprayer for Your Needs

Selecting an effective protective coating sprayer, such as those offered by Graco, requires understanding its function in relation to environmental conditions and asset exposure – this will then determine the recommended coating system. 

Graco airless spray equipment can accommodate everything from high-solids zinc-rich primers to single and plural component epoxy, urethane and hybrid protective coatings – offering various sizes and pressure ratios to meet all your corrosion control application requirements. With the right protective coating sprayers, you can efficiently and effectively apply coatings to protect your assets from corrosion, wear, and tear.

Airless Sprayers

Airless sprayers use a pump that draws іn large volumes оf fluid under high pressure tо atomize and fan-out paint across surfaces, making for faster painting jobs while cutting labor costs significantly. They are highly sought-after by professional painting contractors due tо their speed. If you’re looking tо buy a mobile spray foam rig for sale, consider investing іn an airless sprayer for efficient and cost-effective painting solutions.

Size оf Nozzle Determines Fan Shape Spray Pattern | There іs a range оf tips designed for various coatings that can be slotted into an airless sprayer gun for fan-shaped spray patterns. Pressure settings shouldn’t exceed what’s necessary tо atomize product, as that would lead tо bounceback and waste more product. When selecting a mobile spray foam rig for sale, look for one that offers adjustable pressure settings tо optimize your spraying experience.

Airless sprayers can leave behind overspray іf not used with caution, which requires meticulous preparation before using one for any task. Masking all surfaces within the spraying radius that you don’t wish for any paint coverage may take more time than expected and, іf overspray іs an issue, increase flow rate оr select smaller tip opening. Additionally, consider investing іn a mobile spray foam rig for sale that comes equipped with features like adjustable flow rates and variable tip openings tо help minimize overspray and maximize efficiency.

Gas Sprayers

Spraying flammable coatings requires adequate ventilation to reduce the risk of fire, with any excess coating placed outside a storage cabinet and using an NFPA 33 compliant fire resistant spray booth as safeguards.

Gas airless sprayers such as the PowrBeast series from Graco offer unparalleled durability and performance, featuring a Severe Service fluid section with only one moving part and an effective Honda engine to power a long slow stroking piston. Ideal for large projects or when spraying heavy coatings, they make for the ideal solution.

Our hoseless sprayers can easily switch from gas to electric mode and back again, giving you maximum flexibility to choose your preferred method of application. Plus, they come with a portable pump equipped with battery power for effortless movement between vehicles. Plus, for added jobsite convenience a fan-setting can quickly cover surfaces for preventative pest spraying or perimeter treatments.

Plural-Component Sprayers

No matter whether you are spraying PU foam, polyurea, or any 2K material – having accurate equipment from trusted brands such as Graco will ensure you can complete your project on time and without error.

Plural-component spray equipment provides precise proportioning for coatings with high solids (HSS) or 100% solids such as epoxy and polyurethane coatings, saving time and resources in cleaning time and waste reduction. Graco’s XP plural-component system offers easy use technology which saves both money and resources; only parts that come into contact with the mixed coating must be flushed, saving up to 80% in cleaning time and waste reduction!

Other considerations for coating selection should include manufacturer recommendations, the extent of mixing required and line size. You should also take note of how long your spray hose length will be; too much flushing after each job could significantly impede productivity.

Chemical-Resistant Sprayers

When spraying more aggressive chemicals like solvents, herbicides, corrosives and cleaning agents, chemical-resistant trigger sprayers may be an ideal choice. Equipped with special bottle and nozzle designs to handle solvents and herbicides, they allow users to easily switch from misting to stream mode as desired, plus are made from durable materials for long-term use.

Chemical-Resistant Sprayers by Graco feature reduced pulsation for an even pattern. You can select from an assortment of spray tips designed to meet the coating you need to spray, with their three digit code multiplied by two to indicate their width when used 12 inches away from substrates and orifice size providing sufficient mil build thickness for application of protective coatings. Graco Chemical-Resistant Sprayers are often utilized in high production applications like farming, warehousing and roofing projects.

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