cheap bathroom ideas for small bathrooms

Cheap Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms


Transforming a small bathroom on a budget can be a challenging yet rewarding project. This article provides an array of cost-effective design ideas that can make a small bathroom both functional and stylish, without breaking the bank.

Maximizing Space in Small Bathrooms

  1. Use Light Colors: Light colors, particularly whites and pastels, can make a small bathroom feel larger and more open.
  2. Install Mirrors: A large mirror, or a group of small mirrors, can create the illusion of more space.

Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions

  • Floating Shelves: Utilize vertical space with floating shelves for an inexpensive and space-efficient storage solution.
  • Over-the-Toilet Storage: This often-overlooked space can be ideal for narrow shelving or cabinets.

Low-Cost Flooring and Wall Ideas

  • Peel-and-Stick Tiles: Affordable and easy to install, peel-and-stick tiles can revitalize the look of a bathroom floor or wall.
  • Paint: A fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a new look. Consider moisture-resistant paints designed for bathrooms.

DIY Decor to Enhance Aesthetics

  • Repurpose Items: Use items like mason jars for storage or an old ladder for a towel rack.
  • DIY Artwork: Add personal touches with DIY artwork or framed prints.

Economical Fixtures and Hardware

  • Update Hardware: Changing out old faucets, showerheads, or cabinet handles can make a big difference at a relatively low cost.
  • Refurbish Existing Pieces: Instead of buying new, consider refurbishing items like vanity cabinets with paint or new hardware.

Smart Use of Accessories

  • Add Plants: Small indoor plants can bring life to a small bathroom and don’t have to be expensive.
  • Use Functional Decor: Items like a stylish soap dispenser or unique towel hooks can be both decorative and useful.


Revamping a small bathroom doesn’t require a hefty budget. With these cost-effective ideas, you can create a space that feels bigger, brighter, and more modern, all while keeping expenses in check.


  1. How can I make a small bathroom look bigger?

    • Utilizing light colors, mirrors, and efficient storage can create the illusion of more space.
  2. Are there affordable options for bathroom tiles?

    • Peel-and-stick tiles offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional tiling.
  3. Can I update my bathroom fixtures without major plumbing changes?

    • Yes, simple updates like changing faucets or showerheads can be done without extensive plumbing work.