Charred Siding and Its Advantages

“Burnt Cedar Board” which is a literal translation of the ancient Japanese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban (also Yakisugi) has become quite famous and now everybody wants charred wood finishing in their homes. Not only that, even the New York Times has also contributed to it’s growing demand. Although it is hardly forgettable of it’s individual properties and unique looks which make it stand on it’s on in popularity without media influence.

Using this technique, Japanese used to preserve wood by charring it with fire. And today, it is used as an environment friendly substitution to chemical preservatives, fire retardants and paints, having the objective to preserve wood. There are many practical advantages and applications of Shou Sugi Ban regarding charred siding. As it can be extremely cheap if compared to painted siding once you add in the costs of painting labor as well as the costs of paint itself. Not only that, if you are building your home; charred siding can minimize the construction time as the siding does not have to be painted once it is installed. Not to mention the aesthetics charred siding brings to your structure.

The layer of char protects the charred wood from weathering and UV. With burnt wood, you do not need to worry about its refinishing every 10 years as it would not peel or fade away as the char finish can last up to a century without ever having to get maintained and it can last a lot longer than that if properly taken care of. During this time, the dark color of the char can fade slightly over time, but that just adds to the experience of owning a home with unique materials that has been used in building your house. If you’re not a fan of having a slight fade, it is possible to coat the wood in natural oils, to keep the dark rich fade for years on end.

Owing to the durability of your Yakisugi siding and Shou Sugi Ban fence, the structural integrity and the aesthetic character of your home is preserved. It also saves you a considerable amount of money and fortune as re-painting a house every 10 years is no less than a pain. If you want to live a hassle-free life and eliminate these long-term replacement as well as maintenance costs, you should shift to charred wood siding.

Last but not least, the fact that ‘burnt wood’ is fire-retardant might be difficult for some people to digest. It is quite amazing that Shou Sugi Ban wood has a higher resistance to fire than bare wood. It is one of the most remarkable characteristics which makes Yakisugi wood one of the best home finishing solutions. One way how to understand this process and the quality it gives, you just have to experience it for yourself. If you already have a home, or in the middle of building it. Shou sugi ban should be on top of the list of potential materials to be used for your current, future home.

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