Caring for Sliding Doors

Whether they depend on a rolling system at the bottom or a hanging system at the top, sliding doors need to fill the same needs as more traditional doors. They need to be safe, secure and reliable, while also meeting the aesthetic needs of the users and designers. Sliding doors are an especially great option for those who are short on space, as the doors will not open into or out of a room, so they do not need any extra room.

Because of their design, factory designed sliding doors are often inadequate to meet the needs of special projects. The systems can’t hold as much as much weight as other systems, and the parts may not be able to perform well or for very long. In order to find sliding doors which are better balanced, even at heavier weights and larger sizes, it is necessary to choose architectural door hardware which uses higher quality standards and a heavier gauge of steel.

Sliding Doors In Use

Once the project is complete, there will still be ongoing issues when dealing with sliding doors. Because of their constant use, and because of the doors’ movements from side to side, there is always an ongoing potential for the doors to collect debris. Depending on what kind of environment it is, they may collect dirt, pet hair and other kinds of debris in the moving parts. This can make the doors more difficult to use, and the mechanism may seem to stick.

Fortunately, if the doors are put together with superior architectural door hardware, it is simple to keep them in good working order. They simply need to be cleaned when the rest of the room is cleaned, to keep the materials from building up. Loose debris can be vacuumed, and a rag with alcohol can clean the parts. Unlike standard factory parts, specialty hardware will be specially adapted to fit the door and the doorway, making it more easier to care for the sliding doors.

Sliding doors may be used for closets, patios and even outside doors. They can be used as room dividers in schools or for businesses, and they can be used for other commercial applications like temporary room partitions in other businesses. Because of the wide variety of styles and kinds, sliding doors can be as strong and beautiful as traditional doors. When architects and interior designers choose architectural door hardware, they have options that normally would have only been reserved for traditional doors, such as oversize doors and heavier doors without sacrificing security or reliability.


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