Can I Air Condition My Garage? {Pros And Cons}

Many homeowners ask, ‘If they can put an air conditioner in their garage’ and the plain answer is YES!

There are a lot of benefits attached to fixing an AC in your garage that you probably haven’t uncovered and this article will serve as an eye-opener.

Plus, if you don’t know, severe heat present in your garage can damage cars, paints, lumber, other building materials, tools, collectables, and other valuable tools.

So, now that your question on whether air conditioners can be fixed in your garage, read on to see what garage air conditioners are all about.

Advantages Of Garage Air Conditioning

In this section, you’ll find a couple of benefits that come with using an air conditioner in your garage.

Maximizes Space

We know how un-utilized some spaces can be in the garage. So, instead of leaving your garage to be taken over by irrelevancies, why not use an AC?

Fixing an air conditioner in your garage doesn’t only help to maximise space but also add to its aesthetics.


Air conditioners are ever efficient in areas of ensuring that the garage is evenly regulated either cold or hot.

When you set up an AC, be sure of its efficiency in regulating the hot air that ought to be transferred to your home through the adjacent wall.

Consequently, the air conditioner you have installed in your house wouldn’t have so much work to do.

Saves your car and garage equipment

Have you ever wondered why most of your garage tools and equipment often get spoilt or do they just not seem to appeal to you anymore? It’s because the temperature they’ve been exposed to isn’t palatable.

Know that when your garage’s temperature is well regulated, you’re in effect, saving your car and equipment stored there.

There are some items in your garage like paints, lumber, building materials, tools, collectables, and other valuable tools that could get spoiled without the presence of an air conditioner.

Fair on the bank (Budget-friendly)

Another amazing benefit about air conditioners is that they aren’t as expensive as it is viewed. When you take a proper market survey, you’ll discover the one that suits your budget and garage.

Proper ventilation

Finally, when you have an air conditioner in your garage, decent ventilation is assured.

You wouldn’t have to complain about the garage being stuffy but evenly and appropriately regulated. 

Disadvantages Of Garage Air Conditioning

Here are a few disadvantages of garage air conditioning:

Additional cost

When installing an air conditioner, you’ll have to pay extra for the services you’re going to hire to fix it up in your garage.

However, there are DIY means that you can set your air conditioner with but it would be wiser to hire a professional. 

Increased electricity bill

I want you to know that air conditioning isn’t free! When you install an air conditioner in your garage, you’d still have to pay a couple of dollars in addition to your regular electricity bill.

Bottom line

I hope this article has helped you answer your question of whether you can install an AC in your garage or not. And I hope with the discussed pros and cons, you can narrow down your decision process.

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