Can domestic air conditioning units increase the overall value of your property?

There was once a time when no-one in the UK would even have considered fitting an air conditioning system to their property, but things are changing. Rising average temperatures have meant that many more people are now looking for ways to keep their homes at a consistent and comfortable temperature all year round, and so air conditioning is rapidly becoming more popular.

As this becomes a feature that more and more people now want for their homes, it stands to reason that their inclusion can have an impact on the value of your property. In this article, Chill Air Conditioning take a look at the benefits of having air conditioning in your home and what impact it can have on house prices.

The benefits of air conditioning

We all know that air conditioning can help to keep things cool through the summer, but there are other benefits as well. As most air conditioning units are fitted with a filter, they trap allergens, pollutants and dust that comes through them and can therefore improve the quality of the air in your home. This can have an impact on the health of your family as it can avoid triggering conditions such as asthma and allergies.

When you are in a cool and comfortable environment, it is much easier to get a good night’s sleep, as your body will not be overheating during the night, and this can also make a difference to your physical and mental health. It can also help to make you more productive and can allow you to exercise better.

During the summer, we tend to throw open all of the doors and windows to try and get even a breath of fresh air inside, but this can also act as an open invitation to thieves. Instead, an air conditioning unit can ensure you still have all of the cool air that you need, whilst keeping your home safe and secure.

Air conditioning does not just control temperature, it can also help with the humidity levels in your home. When this builds up, it can create the perfect environment for damp and mould, which not only damages your home, but your health too.

We don’t always associate air conditioning with warmth, but we should. An air conditioning unit is not just something that you might use for a few weeks each summer, it is also a very useful tool when the temperatures start to drop. Many systems now have a reversing function, which means that they can also operate as a heating system if you need them to.

The value of your home

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of air conditioning, and so a home which already has a system fitted is likely to have a much greater appeal and can therefore command larger prices. However, there are still some factors to take into consideration.

If you live in a part of the country that very rarely benefits from warm weather, then you are less likely to see a demand for it, so the greatest increase in prices will be in the warmest locations. The energy efficiency of your system will also be important, as people will not want something that will add substantially to their bills.

The quality of the installation is also important, as poorly fitted systems can be loud and unsightly. Units need to be fitted in inconspicuous locations and should be able to get on with their jobs with very little disturbance to you.

Installing an air conditioning unit can sometimes be an expensive business, and it is often this that stops people from adding them to their own homes. Buying a house that already has a system fitted can be a massive cost saving to the buyer, so it is important to reflect this in the overall price of the property.

An air conditioning unit can be a big selling point, so it is important to highlight it when valuing and marketing your property. As these systems are still relatively rare in British homes, they can help to set your property apart from the rest of the competition on the market, which puts you in a position to command a much greater value.

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